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All About Kitten Season

Kitten season is the phenomenon where animal shelters become overwhelmed with an influx of momma cats and their babies, roughly from April to October. As the weather warms in early spring, feral cats come into heat. 60 days later they will give birth to their young in our communities. Though these kittens are quite cute,

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Meet Our HERO Rescues

The work of our HERO Outreach Team is never over, and these past few weeks have been especially tough. Despite these challenges, we are proud to welcome twelve new faces to Great Plains SPCA. They are now safe, loved, and have a chance at a forever home thanks to HERO’s dedication to our community. The

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Community Cats & You

A community cat is a an outdoor cat that has had little socialization with people. These cats can be found all across the nation, adapted to surviving in the outdoors. Often, these cats are unfriendly to us humans, and can’t live an indoor life like some of our pets. But we can care for these

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From Neglect To Safety

On January 31st The Humane Society of the United States was deployed to a property in Topeka, Kansas. 70 dogs and cats were found and 18 deceased animals on the property. Their living conditions were horrendous, with feces and debris covering almost every surface. And many of the animals were emaciated, sick, and needed to

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