Guidestar Platinum Transparency 2023

Guidestar Platinum Transparency Award 2021

We’re proud to say we’ve earned Candid’s (formerly GuideStar) Highest Seal of Transparency.

The Platinum Seal of Transparency is the highest level of recognition offered by Candid, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information. By sharing metrics that highlight the progress we are making toward our mission, we’re helping you, our donors and supporters, directly see the impact your contributions are making towards our mission.

By updating our Candid Nonprofit Profile to earn a Platinum Seal, we can now easily share a wealth of up-to-date organizational metrics with you, as well as Candid‘s online audience, which includes donors, grantmakers, our peers, and the media.

To reach the Platinum level, we’ve added to and updated an extensive amount of information to our Candid Nonprofit Profile: basic contact and organizational information; in-depth financial information; qualitative information about goals, strategies, and capabilities; and quantitative information about results and progress toward our mission. By taking the time and initiative to provide this information, we have demonstrated our commitment to transparency, giving donors and funders meaningful data to evaluate our yearly performance.

The metrics we report are a direct result of the generous funds donated to us. Without your support, our mission to drive change in our community through innovative programs that promote adoption, outreach and a better life for pets and the people who love them, would not be possible. We truly appreciate your continued support. To make a donation, please click here.

Visit our Nonprofit Profile on Candid to see why we earned this seal. We’re proud to share our full and complete story with the world. To visit our profile, click the seal above.

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