HERO Team Rescue – Dunbar’s Story

In the heat of the afternoon, our HERO Outreach Team was notified by the community of a puppy with a chain around its neck. He was too scared to approach humans, but was clearly in dire need of help. Our team immediately began making calls for any potential details, and driving the van to the last known location of this helpless pup.

Our HERO Team searched the surrounding area and found a wire crate left in the woods. We moved toward the crate and the puppy we had been looking for emerged from a nearby tire. His tail was low, terrified, and hungry after an unknown period of time without food. The chain was no longer wrapped around his neck, but even from a distance you could see the damage that it had done.

With a little bit of wet food and coaxing, pup was safely loaded into the van and immediately taken to Great Plains SPCA. Now named Dunbar, our little rescue got his wounds cleaned and treated by our Shelter Medicine Team, plenty of treats, and a whole lot of love from our staff. Despite a life of hardship, Dunbar was all tail wags and kisses to thank his rescuers for saving him from what could have been a tragic end of his life due to starvation or infection of his injuries.

Little Dunbar will now receive all of the care that he needs to thrive. DONATE NOW to help us rescue more pets like Dunbar, and your impact will be MATCHED up to $150,000 during our Lend A Paw Match Campaign.

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