The Worst Matted Fur We’ve Seen In Years

On May 4th, a good Samaritan came across Gatsby in a local park, barely able to move due to how matted his fur had become. The bystander immediately called Great Plains SPCA, and rushed Gatsby to our shelter for help.

Our Intake Team, many of whom have been in animal welfare for years, noted that Gatsby was “the worst matted fur they had ever seen.” Gatsby couldn’t see because of the matts, and his feces were trapped against his skin. Creating excruciatingly painful inflammation on his hind end. We sedated Gatsby to ease his suffering through the shaving process, and our Shelter Medicine Team spent over an hour removing the matted fur as gently as possible.

In his first few days, Gatsby was nauseous and lethargic. But with rest and recovery, we have seen his silly personality grow brighter with each moment that passes. Gatsby loves toys, snuggles, and has never met a stranger. He loves dogs and humans equally, and our little survivor is beginning to thrive after such a heartbreaking start to shelter life.

Thank you to everyone who has followed Gatsby’s journey. Show your support for Gatsby and numerous other shelter animals in need by donating today.

Gatsby on the mend!
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