Lost or Found Pets

Great Plains SPCA requires proof of ownership to reclaim a lost pet from our facility.
There are several ways you can prove ownership. In most cases, this involves records that you should already have in place, including and not limited to:  

  • Registration/license 
  • Veterinary records 
  • Adoption Records 
  • Microchip Records 
  • Pet insurance documentation  
  • Transfer of ownership agreement 
  • Pedigree registries 
  • Recent photos or video your pet  
  • Identification tags on the pet (must match claimant/owner information) 
  • Historical pet record in Great Plains SPCA database(must match claimant/owner information)

* One document/form of ownership required

Please follow these important steps if you have lost a pet


Call local animal control and shelters or vet clinics where they take pets. Don’t rely on e-mail as your only method of contact. Go to your area’s shelter and see if your pet is there. Also call any other local vet clinics, animal control for bordering cities, and other major animal shelters. Ask how often you should call back to update your report (at Great Plains SPCA, lost reports are automatically cleared from our database after 30 days).

(913) 742-7329

The City of Merriam has made the decision to no longer contract with GPSPCA as its holding facility for stray/lost/found pets. Citizens will need to contact the Merriam Police department with any stray animal concerns or reports of lost or found pets.

  • Merriam Police Department M-F during regular business hours: (913) 322-5560
  • Merriam Police Dispatch for after hours: (913) 782-0720
  • Bonner Springs: (913) 422-7676

  • Edwardsville: (913) 356-6054

  • Fairway: (913) 782-0720

  • Gardner: (913) 856-7312

  • KCKS: (913) 321-1445

  • KCKS after hours: (913) 596-3000

  • Lake Quivira: (913) 631-5300

  • Lawrence: (785) 843-6835

  • Leawood: (913) 642-5555

  • Lenexa: (913) 477-7385

  • Merriam: (913) 782-0720

  • Mission: (913) 782-0720

  • Olathe: (913) 971-6362

  • Olathe: (913) 971-6362

  • Osawatomie: (913) 755-2101

  • Ottawa: (785) 242-2561

  • Overland Park: (913) 895-6300

  • JOCO Parks Dept.: (913) 782-0720

  • Prairie Village: (913) 642-6868

  • Roeland Park: (913) 782-0720

  • Shawnee: (913) 631-2150

  • Westwood: (913) 782-0720

  • Wyandotte: (913) 321-1445



Check online reports and lost pet social media groups in your area.

Online Reports


Visit the shelters/clinics in person to look for your pet.There is always the possibility that another person’s description of your pet will vary from your own. Find out how long the agency holds pets for owners to claim (varies from 3 to 10 days in different areas) and visit at least that often.



Place a newspaper ad (lost ads are often free of charge).


Post lost flyers (with photo!) in your area and talk to neighbors.


If your pet has a microchip, make sure the microchip company has your current contact information.If you have lost the records, call the clinic or shelter where the chip was implanted to find out which company to call.



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