The Story of Coffee Bean – The Paralyzed Dog

In February of 2024, Great Plains SPCA was contacted by animal control about a six-month-old puppy involved in an alleged animal abuse case. Coffee Bean was found to be paralyzed in his hind end, unable to walk and incontinent from injuries to his spinal cord. Our team immediately found Coffee Bean a foster home where he could recover from his trauma, and anxiously awaited any news from his court case.

Despite such a horrific start to life, Coffee Bean proved to be full of nothing but love. He is playful, happy, and making the most of his time in foster. We gave Coffee Bean every opportunity to explore the world and learn what it meant to be a beloved canine companion. Great Plains SPCA provided a special harness, stroller for neighborhood walks, and eventually ordered a customized wheelchair that would allow Coffee Bean to run and play to his heart’s content. Months went by with his court case pending, and Coffee Bean’s joy for life continued to grow.

And finally, after two full months of waiting, Coffee Bean is officially ours! With legal custody of Coffee Bean now secured, our Shelter Medicine Team pursued more information about Coffee Bean’s paralysis. A recent MRI performed by a radiologist cannot confirm whether Coffee Bean will ever walk again but we are committed to giving this resilient dog everything he needs to thrive, and have already started a physical therapy plan to help improve Coffee Bean’s mobility in his hind legs. His total bill for MRI, bloodwork, urinalysis, and physical therapy is currently at $3,700 and we will do whatever it takes to help Coffee Bean thrive and live his very best life.

We are now looking for a special family to give Coffee Bean the forever home that he has always deserved. Email to adopt Coffee Bean. Please consider donating to support not only for Coffee Bean, but every animal in desperate need of our help.

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