Found A Pet?

If you have found a lost animal that you cannot hold onto, do not bring it to Great Plains SPCA. Chances are the pet has a family that is searching desperately for it, and the steps you take next will help them be reunited as quickly as possible.

    1. The first thing to do is call the Animal Control Agency for the city where you found the pet. They will provide instructions for next steps. Local Animal Control contacts are below:

Great Plains SPCA is not the holding facility for stray/lost/found pets for the City of Merriam. Citizens should contact Merriam Police department directly with any stray animal concerns or reports of lost or found pets.

      • Merriam Police Department M-F during regular business hours: (913) 322-5560
      • Merriam Police Dispatch for after hours: (913) 782-0720
    1. Take a photo of the animal and post it on social media:

Feel free to email or call (913) 808-3347 our Admissions Team with any questions.

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