Found A Pet?

Thank you so much for being a hero for pets and trying to help the stray you’ve found. Chances are that pet has a family that is searching desperately for it, and the steps you take next will help them be reunited as quickly as possible.

  • Animal control agencies for Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Lake Quivira, Prairie Village, Shawnee, and Johnson County Parks Department take their animals to Great Plains SPCA at (913) 742-7329.

As of March 1st,  GPSPCA is no longer the holding facility for stray/lost/found pets for the City of Merriam. Citizens will need to contact the Merriam Police department directly with any stray animal concerns or reports of lost or found pets.

  • Merriam Police Department M-F during regular business hours: (913) 322-5560
  • Merriam Police Dispatch for after hours: (913) 782-0720

If you found a stray, follow these steps:

  1. Call animal control for the city you found the animal in. Then call your local shelter. ***Please do not drive the animal to a shelter as animal control regulations vary by city.***
  2. Take a picture of the animal and post it to:
  3. Keep the animal in your car if they are friendly and easy to approach.
  4. Keep a leash and treats in your car to draw the animal to you.
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