Vince’s Story – Saved By Our HERO Team

On Thursday morning, May 30th, our HERO Outreach Team was alerted to a dog that was found living in a wire crate outdoors. His back legs are damaged, and appeared to have been wrapped by a veterinarian. We expected to simply check in, make contact with the owner and come up with a plan to bring the pup inside and take a look at this injuries. But what we ultimately discovered on arrival was horrifying.

A pungent odor was the first thing that our team noticed, even when standing a few feet away from Vince in his crate. He was unable to place any weight on one of his paws, and the other foot was clearly causing him excruciating pain. We learned that Vince had been attacked by a dog, and had received some assistance at a local vet. But his owner was struggling with dementia, and could not provide the care that this poor pup so desperately needed. We swiftly got permission to bring Vince to Great Plains SPCA and rushed him to our Shelter Medicine Team for immediate medical evaluation and intensive care.

A slow removal of the bandages revealed extensive wounds to his back legs and paws. One of his toes had been completely severed, and the entire area was inflamed and infected. As our team continued his care, Vince gave them nothing but love. As he accepted pets and hugs, Vince allowed our staff to reassure him as we got a complete picture of his needs.

Vince currently requires pain medication, extreme activity restriction, and daily bandage changes to address his wounds. Our veterinary team is watching Vince carefully each day, and his needs may change depending on how well his injuries are able to heal. Vince’s recovery will take time and we will do everything in our power to see that Vince has a brighter future.

During our Lend-A-Paw donation drive, your donation is MATCHED up to $150,000 to save lives like Vince’s. Our goal is to raise $380,000 by July 31st, so that we can continue to have a life-changing impact in our community. Please consider donating today.

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