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Thank you for contacting us and we are sorry to hear you need to re-home your pet. Great Plains SPCA does not euthanize for space. We do not put a time limit on how long an animal can stay in the shelter so long as they are medically and behaviorally sound and not suffering. To practice that mission, we must maintain a schedule to be sure the animals here and animals coming in have space to live. This admissions process is how we put into practice that mission.

COVID-19 UPDATE Regarding Animal Surrenders 6/1/2020
In light of the ever developing changes associated with COVID-19 and the impact to our shelter operations, we have reduced non-emergent intakes This is for your safety and the safety of your pet. We want to be proactive and responsible as an organization to protect people and their pets. We understand this is difficult to hear due to your situation. Please fill out online form below to submit a request to surrender a pet, and a member of our team will be in contact with you. We appreciate your patience when receiving a return response during this time. If you have lost or found a pet please visit our lost and found pet links on our website.


To begin the application process for surrendering a pet, please click on the button to fill out a brief form about your animal. Feel free to email or call our Admissions Team with any questions.
***All surrenders are subject to application process and require a fee.***
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