Meet Our HERO Rescues

The work of our HERO Outreach Team is never over, and these past few weeks have been especially tough. Despite these challenges, we are proud to welcome twelve new faces to Great Plains SPCA. They are now safe, loved, and have a chance at a forever home thanks to HERO’s dedication to our community.

The Proud Family

Our HERO Team noticed a Facebook post from a family in desperate need. They were planning to move, and unable to bring their dogs with them. When we arrived on the scene, and to our surprise, the dogs in need included four 2-month-old puppies! We loaded up Trudy (mom), Oscar (dad), and all four babies into the van and brought them straight to the shelter.

We have a suspicion that Oscar may not be the father of all of the babies, judging by their size. But we love them all nonetheless, and have altered and vaccinated the whole crew. Each member of this happy family is now available for adoption and would love to become a forever fixture in your home.

Franklin – From Stray To Safe

Franklin was found roaming the streets in a neighborhood full of boarded up houses. Though terrified, our HERO Team was able to lure him over with treats and wet food. This poor pup has multiple scars, missing patches of hair, and was covered in fleas, dirt and feces stains when we first picked him up. It was no surprise to our Shelter Medicine Team when testing came back positive for roundworms and whipworms as well. Franklin is now all cleaned up, and has received vaccinations, dewormer, and neuter surgery.

We are slowly teaching Franklin that this is a safe place. Small things like the sound of a squeaker toy or moving too fast are frightening to him. But with love and patience, we know he’ll make a wonderful canine companion.

Rottweiler Puppies Finally Safe After Months Of Work

Our HERO Outreach Team first learned about a litter of Rottweiler/mix puppies in January, born outside in the midst of a winter snow storm. We were unable to convince the owner to surrender the puppies at the time, but knew we couldn’t give up. Months were spent slowly building trust, educating, and leaving an open line of communication in hopes that they would one day be ours.

That day came on March 10th! The owner finally agreed to surrender the five puppies that had survived the winter to Great Plains SPCA, and we immediately found them a foster home where they could grow and learn to be happy dogs. The mom of the litter was spayed during the recent Spay and Neuter Collaborative of Kansas City, which means no more new additions to the current overpopulation crisis.

Our HERO Outreach Team greatly appreciates the support of our community, which allows them to save countless lives each year. If you want to make an impact in the lives of pets throughout the Kansas City metro, your donation will go straight toward the amazing work that Great Plains SPCA does every day. Thank you to every person that makes our mission possible.

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