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Meghan Oparnico | Foster Manager

Meghan came to Great Plains SPCA with an agricultural and vet assistant background. She graduated from University of Central Missouri in May of 2019 with a degree in Agriculture Business Management. For a brief period, she worked for an agriculture business. Subsequently, she became a veterinarian technician where she found her passion for animal welfare and fostering after working with local animal shelter clients. Meghan has three dachshunds, Coraline, Nessie and Muri, an Australian Shepherd mix that she adopted from Great Plains SPCA named Chaco, and one cat named Flux.

Autumn Weir - Admissions & Foster Coordinator

Autmun Weir | Admissions & Foster Coordinator

Autumn began at Great Plains in the Admissions Department and now holds a combined role in Admissions and Foster. Her background is in social welfare and she loves getting to use her skills every day to help animals in need. Autumn has four pets – two cats from Great Plains, Tommy and Jersey, plus a dog named Zeus and another cat named Khaleesi.

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Some of the most common foster needs are:

  • Pregnant or nursing moms
  • Any pets under eight weeks of age (including bottle babies)
  • Post-operative care or recovering from illness or injury
  • Pets who are shelter stressed or dealing with other behavior issues
  • Pets who need socialization to learn how to trust humans

Great Plains SPCA Top Paw Foster of the Month

The Endsley Family-Top Paw Foster 12/21The Endsley Family
  • The Endsley’s have been fostering with GPSPCA for close to three years. 

  • They are always ready, always ready, to drop anything and rush to the shelter to take home mama kitties and their babies! 

  • They have over 1,424 foster hours 

  • Lily, the youngest Endsley foster, provides much love and socialization for all of the pets that her family fosters! 

  • The family has also fostered some of our kitties with ringworm, which can be a real challenge! 

In the Endsley’s words: Fostering is so much fun and we just love to love on the animals and set them up for a great future. 

Kathi TheissKathi Theiss
  • Kathi has been fostering since pre-GPSPCA!
  • Fosters some of the most difficult/high-level behavior dogs
  • Promotes long-term dogs big time
  • Handles all aspects of meets with potential adopters
  • Provides support to us by volunteering, foster-ing, and monetarily backing GPSPCA.

In Kathi’s words: Fostering: It is the best feel-ing when a dog that is struggling at the shelter is a totally different dog in a home environment. It’s even better when they get adopted to a loving home. Nothing beats that! I recommend people try furlough/foster-extremely rewarding. 

Wally (left) was one that taught me a lot and was a team effort with volunteers coming to my home to help me with his fear of strangers. Communication between staff and volunteers is so important to help the dog find his good match. 

Top Paw Foster - Katie RobertsKatie Roberts

Katie has been a foster with GPSPCA for a little over a year. She and her partner began by fostering two kit-tens with ringworm. It is hard to place RW kittens as they can be contagious to humans as well. After that first pair, she quickly accepted another RW foster kitten. Katie also took on the challenge of fostering some bottle puppies, learning the ropes of bottle feeding along the way. Since then, she hasn’t stopped! Katie has fostered several more puppies and kittens, she loves to drop off one litter, and pick up another! Katie has also taken three different shelter dogs to her home for day-long playdate with her dog, including long-term husky mix Nena. Katie has thrown herself into being an amazing foster mom and we are lucky to have her! 

If your family fits that description please fill out our online application or email our Foster Manager if you have questions that are not answered in the FAQs below.

Foster FAQ

  • By fostering a pet in your home you are opening another spot in the shelter to save a life. Having a pet in a home also gives us more information to help match them successfully with a future adopter. We also know pets stay healthier in a home than they do at the shelter. Fostering is also very rewarding and allows you the chance to impact countless lives!
  • Foster parents must be at least 18 years of age
  • Foster parents must fill out a Foster Application and be approved
  • Foster parents must be interested in helping their foster pets find forever homes
  • Must have support for the mission of Great Plains SPCA
  • Foster parents must treat any and all foster pets with love and respect
  • Yes! Fostering is a form of volunteering that is done from the comfort of your home.
  • The length of foster depends on each pet’s needs. Some pets just need short term FURLOUGH, think a trip to Starbucks or walk at a new park or a a sleepover  while others may require longer. Ultimately, it is up to you how long you want or can foster.
  • Yes. Foster parents are encouraged to meet any pets prior to agreeing to foster them. The Foster Manager will work to match each foster parent with the best fit for their family.
  • We have a foster cell phone that is monitored 24/7 for calls in case of emergency. During business hours (10am-6pm) you can also text with the Foster Team to send updates and ask questions.
  • Great Plains SPCA provides all medical care for foster pets and can provide food, toys, and other supplies if needed. Some fosters do choose to buy their own supplies or use what they have for their own pets, but all a foster family is required to provide is their home and their love!
  • All foster pets are eligible to come stay at the shelter or go to another foster home if you need to go out of town or have an emergency arise during the foster pet’s stay. Giving as much notice as possible for foreseeable circumstances is appreciated. 
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