Carly and her puppies

Carly was a very pregnant stray dog when she was found by an Animal Control Officer and brought to safety at Great Plains SPCA. GPSPCA partners with the animal control units of seven different municipalities in Johnson County, Kansas. Carly is extremely sweet and happy, and appeared to be pregnant upon arrival. X-rays revealed that Carly was pregnant with at least five puppies!

Carly was sent to Foster care and became one of the nearly 400 pets who have been cared for by our incredible team of Foster families just this year. Last Sunday, Carly gave birth to ten beautiful puppies. Sadly, one puppy was born with a birth defect and it is with heavy hearts that we share she did not make it. Otherwise, the whole family is doing well and Carly is giving her all to care for her babies. They will be in Foster care together until the puppies are old enough to be weaned, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and prepared for adoption.

Carly and her puppies’ story could have ended very differently had she not been brought to safety at Great Plains SPCA. You can Lend A Paw to support the care of families just like Carly’s by donating today to have your contribution matched!

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