Critically ill puppy rushed to Great Plains SPCA by good Samaritan

Ten-week-old Izzy was rushed to Great Plains SPCA by a caring good Samaritan last Thursday after being found dumped in an apartment complex parking lot in Kansas City, Kansas.

Upon arrival at the shelter, Izzy was diagnosed with Parvo virus and was suffering from severe dehydration, low blood sugar, and hypothermia. Our Shelter Medical team is doing all they can to save this critically ill little girl, but Parvo virus is often fatal, even with aggressive treatment. Izzy’s case is an important reminder that Parvo can be prevented with proper vaccinations.

Over the holiday weekend, we sent Izzy to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners to receive care around the clock, and Izzy is still fighting. She is making small improvements and has started to wag her tail and even bark a little. She still has an uphill battle, but these small wins are encouraging despite the long road to recovery ahead.

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