Big Rig saved just in time

The small facility where Big Rig was being housed was out of options and unfortunately Big Rig was scheduled to be euthanized. Great Plains SPCA worked with that facility to have Big Rig transferred to our shelter where he proved to be extremely friendly to both people and dogs, yet his energy level was often too much for both. Being a black, bully breed dog, he was often overlooked, and the two times he did have interested adopters, his high energy, lack of manners and tendency to be mouthy landed him right back at the shelter. Big Rig was so stressed at the shelter that our vets prescribed medication to manage his anxiety.

In April, one failed adoption and one failed foster-to-adopt later, a promising fit surfaced for Big Rig. A family reached out seeking a second dog to be a playmate and buddy for their similarly high-energy Rottweiler, Cookie. The first meeting between the two dogs was not particularly successful, but our Foster and Behavior teams were determined to give this opportunity a fair chance. At the second meeting, Cookie finally warmed up, and the pair have been best friends since!

Finally, after 137 days as a Great Plains SPCA shelter dog, Big Rig, now Biggie, was officially adopted! Biggie hit the jackpot with his new family, and the best part is, the family feels they did as well. He turned out to be exactly what they wanted in another dog and exactly what Cookie needed in a playmate, brother and best friend.

Big Rig would have been euthanized in his previous situation, but thanks to the Great Plains SPCA team for transferring him to our care and working tirelessly to find his perfect family, Big Rig gets to live the happy life he deserves. You can “Lend A Paw” in support of pets just like Big Rig by donating today to have your impact doubled!

Anyone who donates $250 or more during our Lend A Paw match campaign now through July 21 will be recognized with a personalized tag on our Lend A Paw donor recognition wall at our Pet Adoption Center.

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