Lost or Found Pet Resources

Is your pet lost? Have you found a pet and are trying to reunite them with their owner?  Below are a list of resources that help connect pets and owners in the Kansas City metro.

Quick Reference Resources

Lost a Pet Found a Pet Surrender a Pet

Intake Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week 10am – 5pm at both Merriam and Independence locations.

Merriam Lost Pet/Intake:

(913) 808-3347

Merriam Intake Center

Indy Lost Pet/Intake:

(913) 808-3383

Independence Intake

Online Reports

Report a Lost or Found Pet in the Kansas City metro

Lost and Found Reports Filed By The Public

Links to Area Shelters

Found Pets at Great Plains SPCA

Found Pets at Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter 

Found Pets at KC Pet Project

Additional Resources

Lost Pet Registry

Paw Boost

Next Door Pet Directory

Tips on Moving With a Pet

Pet Laws and Regulations When Moving With Your Pet

How to Convince Your Landlord That Your Pet Is a Safe Bet

Community Cats

In the greater KC Metro and beyond we often see (or even care for!) community cats.  Community cats, also called feral cats, are unowned cats who live outdoors. Like indoor cats, they belong to the domestic cat species (felis catus). However, community cats are generally not socialized, or friendly, to people, and are therefore unadoptable. They live full, healthy lives with their feline families, called colonies, in their outdoor homes. They are masters of their domain, finding resources such as food, water, and shelter on their own– even in extreme cold and heat.

With that said, there are ways in which we can help these cats:
Trap Neuter Return
Constructing Feral Cat Boxes
Determining a Stray from a Community Cat
Tips for Keeping Community Cats Off Your Property
Community Cats and Kittens

About Our Lost Pet Resources Page:

These resources are compiled in loving memory of Janice Martin.  In 1971, Janice founded the Kansas City metro’s Lost Dog Registry, a tool that helped unite thousands of missing dogs with their owners.  For decades, Janice worked tirelessly as a volunteer in the local animal welfare community.  Her passion and dedication to improving animal’s lives and reuniting pets is unparalleled and continues to drive positive change in the animal welfare world.