Queen of the Pitties

Queen spent nearly 400 days at Great Plains SPCA until Mission Driven’s Scott Poore decided to move into our shelter with her in order to spread her story and find her forever home. And her story sure spread! Queen’s story went viral, attracting local, national and even international attention. This helped Queen gain the exposure she needed to find her hero, Tony. Since being adopted, Tony and Queen’s “Fairy Dog-Mother” have given her a life fit for a Queen! Take a look at what Tony had to say about her:

“Queen’s life has been busy since she was adopted.  She has made numerous appearances throughout the Kansas City metro and even gets stopped on the street by people who recognize her.  She poses for pictures frequently and works to promote animal adoptions.  Mostly, though, she spends a lot of time snuggled up in someone’s lap taking in all of the love she deserves.”

“Queen brings a joy to everyone that only a dog can. She creates smiles and laughter on even the lowest of days. Her desire to love is infectious and it seems to make the people around her better, if even for a short time. I cannot image my life now without Queen, and I am proud to be her human.”

“People should support Great Plains SPCA because of the tireless effort expended by the staff and volunteers to protect those creatures that cannot always protect themselves, and people should adopt from Great Plains because of the human and animal lives that will be enriched and fulfilled by so doing.”

There are only 3 days left of our Home for the Holidays campaign! Please consider donating today so we can continue to place animals, like Queen, into loving forever homes.

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