Help Stephanie Find Love

Stephanie was brought to us as a feral 1 month old kitten extremely sickly and vastly undersocialized. She is now just over 6 months, meaning that the vast majority of her life has been spent in the shelter, and the entirety of her life has been without a home and family.

Stephanie has spent time in a Foster home to help with her socialization. Now that she’s back at the shelter, our staff has noted how very sweet and affectionate she can be! However, her shy/fearful nature is still apparent. Going slow and talking softly to Stephanie is the best way to earn her trust. Because of her shyness, we are looking for a home with another cat or for her to be adopted with another cat. This will help build Stephanie’s confidence to be the best cat she can be!

With your help, we can find every animal a Home for the Holidays. Donate today to help us care for animals like Stephanie as she waits to find her forever home. See Stephanie’s profile.

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