Stray Since 2016 – Lucky’s Chance At A New Life

Lucky’s story as we know it began in 2016, when his previous owner passed away. Instead of being transported safely to a local shelter or finding a home amongst family, Lucky was forced out of the house and onto the streets to fend for himself. Lost and Found pages in the area reported his wanderings numerous times, with no one offering to help or recognizing that Lucky was a beloved companion that just needed a safe place to land.

Sightings have shown that Lucky wandered within five blocks of his deceased owner’s home for all these years. Confused, heartbroken, yet unwaveringly loyal to his long-gone family. He simply wanted to stay close to all that he has ever known, and yet, his world has been filled with fear and cruelty. People were scaring him off of their property, firing guns to deter him from coming near, and even swerving their vehicles to hit him while he was merely walking next to the street, which our HERO Team witnessed.

Lucky needed help, and our HERO Team stepped up to do everything they could. Providing food, water, and keeping tabs on his whereabouts to determine the best spots to place traps, their efforts were met with resistance. The police were called on one occasion (which was easily resolved with a conversation), food stations were thrown out, and Lucky was pushed out of his normal roaming areas by locals who didn’t have the heart to give us a chance to help.

Despite it all, our HERO Team, teaming up with KC Dog Trappers, was able to successfully trap Lucky and bring him to safety at Great Plains SPCA. Though shy and understandably distrustful of people, he is already opening up and showing us the amazing dog that he is.

All Lucky wants is a kind, patient family to live out the rest of his years. One that understands the distrust and fear that come with fending for himself and gives him the grace to be the perfect companion Lucky wants to be.

Lucky is now available for adoption, and you can reach out to with any questions you might have about adding this precious dog to your home. If you would like to support the lifechanging work of our HERO Team, please consider donating.

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