Join us for our “Lend A Paw” Match campaign

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our Match Campaign, “Lend A Paw”! Watch this quick video from Tam Singer, CEO of Great Plains SPCA, as she introduces this important campaign.

2020 has been a tough year for many of us and through it all Great Plains SPCA was able to continue its life-saving work helping pets and their families in need. This year we have taken in 1,100 animals, arranged adoptions for 864 dogs and cats, found Foster homes for 324 pets, provided more than 153,000 pounds of pet food to those in need, and helped 382 families through our HERO (Humane. Education. Resources. Outreach.) program.

One of the many animals helped through our HERO program during this increased time of need is Snowman. Snowman is a gentle giant, a 12-year-old mastiff bully mix whom our HERO team has served for more than five years. Living most of his life outdoors, our team has consistently provided Snowman with many necessities over the years, including shelter and straw in the winter and fly repellent and preventatives in the summer.

With a non-judgmental approach, our HERO team has built a relationship with his owner who recently agreed to surrender Snowman to Great Plains SPCA so he may live the rest of his days more comfortably.

At Great Plains SPCA, we are committed to “Lending a Paw” to pets in need in our community, no matter where they come from or what they look like. Now through July 21, all donations will be matched up to $150,000. Please donate today to help improve the lives of pets just like Snowman.

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