Now through July 21st, ALL donations will be matched up to $150,000 for SHELTER PETS!

2020 Great Plains SPCA Lend A Paw Goal $150,000
$139,841.28 93%

This year, Great Plains SPCA has taken in 1,100 animals, arranged adoptions for 864 dogs and cats, found Foster homes for 324 pets, provided more than 153,000 pounds of pet food to those in need, and helped 382 families through our HERO (Humane. Education. Resources. Outreach.) program.

Great Plains SPCA relies on the generosity of our donors, volunteers, and foster families to help us carry out our mission to serve more than 6,000 homeless pets annually. Throughout these recent unsettling weeks, the Great Plains SPCA team has been at the shelter every day, caring for vulnerable animals and assisting the people who love them.

As we adjust to life in these ever-changing times, a generous donor is helping us continue our mission by matching all donations up to $150,000. Will you “Lend a Paw” for shelter pets in need? Your donation, no matter how small, can make a material difference to the lives of our shelter pets. Please consider making a donation to Great Plains SPCA.

Lend A Paw Stories

Carly and her puppies

Carly was a very pregnant stray dog when she was found by an Animal Control Officer and brought to safety at Great Plains SPCA. GPSPCA partners with the animal control units of seven different municipalities in Johnson County, Kansas. Carly

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Big Rig saved just in time

The small facility where Big Rig was being housed was out of options and unfortunately Big Rig was scheduled to be euthanized. Great Plains SPCA worked with that facility to have Big Rig transferred to our shelter where he proved

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Lend A Paw for animals like Clarence

Today we are sharing an urgent need for donations to support a shelter dog’s journey to a normal, happy life. Clarence is one of many dogs rescued through our HERO (Humane. Education. Resources. Outreach.) program every year. In his case,

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Your support will help our pets find the path to their best life.

Since 1966, we’ve been saving animals in the Kansas City community, sheltering them and matching them with loving, adoptive homes. What we do is seldom easy or inexpensive, but it is vital to saving lives. Shelter operational costs aren’t always glamorous, but these needs are often the most important for our shelter. 

Our supporters come in all shapes and sizes. Donors. Volunteers. Adopters. Fosters. Supporters. And the generosity of this Great Plains SPCA family makes our mission a reality for every pet and person we see. Great Plains SPCA is so grateful for you, for helping make our mission a reality for every pet and person we see!

As we think of the pets and people who have touched our lives, we ask for you to ‘Lend A Paw’ in support with a generous donation to help us make more happy families.

How your donation helps Lend A Paw for shelter pets!

Great Plains SPCA’s Behavior and Training Program works to keep pets in forever homes and prepare homeless pets for adoption.

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Public Behavior and Training Class
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Our foster program gives us the opportunity to save more pets in our community and is integral part of what we do.

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The Pet Food Pantry relies solely on donations. We proudly distribute thousands of pounds of food monthly to local families & their pets!

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Pet Food Pantry donations

We make sure our animals are well cared for medically and your support allows us to give the care our community pets deserve.

Our HERO (Humane Education Resources Outreach) works to improve communities through education and outreach.

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