From June 1st, through July 31st, we have a huge goal to raise $350,000 to support our life saving mission. 

While the average cost of care per animal at the shelter is $751, our average adoption fee is just $130. The large gap between what we frequently need to invest in our pets to make them ready for adoption medically and behaviorally and our adoptions fees highlights how critically we need your financial support.

Great Plains SPCA relies on the wonderful generosity of our donors, volunteers, foster families, and supporters. Will you “Lend a Paw” this summer to help us reach our goal of $350,000?

Thank you so much for all you each give and do for the animals in our care. We simply could not do what we do without you – THANK YOU!

Tam and Prada
Tam and Prada

2022 Great Plains SPCA Lend A Paw Goal $350,000


Dollars Raised


Lend A Paw Stories

Your support will help our pets find the path to their best life.

Vance with his familySince 1966, we’ve been saving animals in the Kansas City community, sheltering them and matching them with loving, adoptive homes. What we do is seldom easy or inexpensive, but it is vital to saving lives. Shelter operational costs aren’t always glamorous, but these needs are often the most important for our shelter. 

Our supporters come in all shapes and sizes. Donors. Volunteers. Adopters. Fosters. Supporters. And the generosity of this Great Plains SPCA family makes our mission a reality for every pet and person we see. Great Plains SPCA is so grateful for you, for helping make our mission a reality for every pet and person we see!

As we think of the pets and people who have touched our lives, we ask for you to ‘Lend A Paw’ in support with a generous donation to help us make more happy families.

How your donation helps Lend A Paw for shelter pets!

Great Plains SPCA’s Behavior and Training Program works to keep pets in forever homes and prepare homeless pets for adoption.

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Behavior Team 2022
Woman sits on blanket with dog

Our foster program gives us the opportunity to save more pets in our community and is integral part of what we do.

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Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry relies solely on donations. We proudly distribute thousands of pounds of food monthly to local families & their pets!

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Pet Food Pantry donations
Great Plains SPCA Med team

We make sure our animals are well cared for medically and your support allows us to give the care our community pets deserve.

Great Plains SPCA HERO Team

Our HERO (Humane Education Resources Outreach) works to improve communities through education and outreach.

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We need you! Every day, Great Plains SPCA works to make the lives of community pets better!  Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue the critical work we do for the animals that come through our doors.
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