Injured dog found on rural farm brought to Great Plains SPCA for help!

Casper had quite the journey before arriving to safety at Great Plains SPCA. Casper was a stray who recently wandered onto a farm in rural Missouri. The good Samaritans who found him noticed Casper was suffering from a series of injuries and reached out for assistance on Facebook. That’s when Great Plains SPCA stepped in.

When he arrived at Great Plains SPCA, Casper was immediately seen by our Shelter Medical team.  A portion of his left front paw pad was ripped off resulting in an open wound and his left hind leg had significant muscle atrophy. In addition to his visible injuries, Casper was covered in fleas and positive for whipworms and hookworms, common intestinal parasites. Our Shelter Medical team estimates he was hit by a car three or four weeks prior to being found and was likely roaming since then. Casper is a trooper and is lucky to be alive!

Our Shelter Medical team treated him for the fleas and worms, is managing his pain and discomfort with medication, and is tending to his wounded paw with frequent checks and bandage changes. While it’s clear his injuries are causing him discomfort, he is in much better spirits after just a week in our care.

Great Plains SPCA is committed to caring for Casper and his many medical needs to provide him the second chance he deserves. While our average cost of care per animal is $751, Casper’s care will cost much more. He deserves this second chance and we couldn’t give him one without your support! Donate during our Lend A Paw match campaign where all donations are matched up to $150,000 by a generous anonymous donor.

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