Clarence gets the happy ending he deserves

We first shared Clarence’s story at the very beginning of our Lend A Paw campaign and now we have a heart-warming update to share!

Clarence is one of the many dogs rescued through our HERO (Humane. Education. Resources. Outreach.) program every year. In his case, he was saved from an extreme hoarding situation in Missouri where he lacked socialization, adequate medical care and attention to his basic needs. He was extremely shy and fearful. Clarence was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the left humeral head, which caused lameness and pain in his left-front leg and would have prevented Clarence from living a pain-free life.

Thanks to the incredible response from our supporters, we received adequate funding for the specialty surgery Clarence required! The surgery was successful, Clarence has been adopted, and he is happy and healthy in his perfect forever home.

Clarence, now Milton, is living his best life with his new dog mom, Jessica, who is a teacher and is more patient than most, making her an excellent fit for Milton’s needs. Milton is truly starting to blossom alongside his new dog sibling, MacGiver, thanks to Great Plains SPCA’s community of supporters. This young pup truly hit the jackpot and received the happy ending he deserves.

Today is the last day of our Lend A Paw donation drive! Please consider making a gift which will support our ability to provide more pets like Clarence the second chances they deserve.

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