August Hero Herald

Dear Great Plains friends and family,
Tam Singer, Great Plains SPCA’s CEO, accepts kisses from the ever-full-of-love Meatloaf

Most people have a story about “that one.” Someone asks, or a memory pops up, and you instantly launch into story after story recalling the touching, lasting memories of how a special cat or dog has touched our life.

Animals change our lives for the better. Research shows that just looking into the eyes of your pet can lower your heart rate. Their presence alone is enough to calm you down, to give you warmth, to let you feel loved and soothed. Animals help us experience the purest form of unconditional love, bringing us comfort, and showing us the true joy in life. 

As we at Great Plains SPCA charge forward with a renewed focus on caring for animals in need, the power of one person’s actions is more apparent than ever. The ripple effect that one new connection, one social media share, one more hour volunteered, or one more dollar donated can have is amazing.

You can be that difference. Your support of our mission allows us to continue providing the highest lifesaving guarantee to the lost, homeless and in-need pets in our community. Your actions today can help us save one more life, and what you do deeply matters! Never doubt what the power of one person can accomplish. 

You can change the life of pets looking for hope. Please help support the lifesaving programs and services Great Plains SPCA provides in our community every day. With hundreds of pets in our care daily, your actions, the power of you, can make a difference.

What will you do to contribute to saving one more life?

AdoptDonateVolunteerFosterSpread the word.

Thank you for being our Hero,

Tam Singer CEO, Great Plains SPCA

Tam Singer, CEO

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