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Hi there, my name is Madison, a 3 year old Alaskan Husky mix and I have been living in the shelter system for over a year now. My friends here at the shelter are looking for the perfect home for me and not just any family will do, so my search is taking longer than most. Although it is very hard for me waiting day after day, I know they only want the very best for me.

You see, I am a little shy when people first meet me, so I need you to go slow with me. Sometimes when dogs come to a shelter, they don’t come with a history and I am one of those dogs. No one knows what happened in my past that makes me so shy, but I just am. The good thing is though, once I get used to you, I am your best friend. And since I have been at the shelter so long, all of my friends here have been working with me and I am getting better and better every day at not being so nervous around strangers.



One of my biggest fears seems to be when people put their hands towards my head quickly and I don’t know them. I don’t know for sure if they are going to pet me or do something bad to me, so I tend to shy away from them or duck to get away. I do that because I am afraid of the unknown. With people that I know and love though, I no longer do that with them, because I know that they are just going to love me and pet me. I just need to learn that with my new family too.

Because of my fears, I cannot go home with any children and they also think it is best that I be the only dog in the house too. I love my treats and I have been able to learn a lot of tricks here with my volunteer friends using the treats as bribes to get me to do them. I know how to sit, and shake and I know down too. I will even dance for a treat. And sometimes, not sure that this is a trick though, I think my friends here just let me get away with it, I will even give you a big bear hug for a treat.


Yes, once I get to know and trust you, I am a very affectionate girl. I just need that special someone or special couple to take a chance on me. I am a great gal that will keep you company over the long winter and would love to lounge around with you in your backyard as you rake leaves or garden or whatever. I also love to go on walks and I am super on the leash. I am also housebroken. If you are looking for a new best friend, you are in luck, because I am too!!! Maybe you can come down to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam and we can meet. I will be waiting for you….all my love….Madison



Hi there, my name is Fiona and I have been waiting since April 2014 for a new home. That is quite awhile for a dog to have to wait for a home, but I am not going to complain, because that is not the kind of girl I am! In fact, I am very grateful to be here at Great Plains SPCA because they saved my life! When I first got here, I only weighed 35 pounds! I was skin and bones and such a frightened little lady. But now, I am happy to report, I am a very healthy 55 pounds and I am loving life!

Although I had a rough start, you would never know it by the way I greet people at the shelter! I am always happy to see people, especially my very best friend Sharon that takes me for sleepovers at her house. She knew that I was very shy and very scared at the shelter, so she thought that she would take me home with her and see how I did at her house. Oh my goodness, it was like Heaven! When we first got to her house, she just let me check things out as not to overwhelm me and pretty much just let me do what I wanted. That is always good when working with a shy dog in a new situation. Then we went to sleep and the next day, I was ready to play and be loved on. For some reason, after waking up that next morning, I just felt safe and knew that I could come out of my shell and be myself and boy did it feel good! My friend said I have very good house manners, so I get to go on more sleepovers! It was one of the best days of my life – so I can only imagine how amazing it would be to have a forever family and a home of my very own!


Working with my friends at the shelter has helped them learn a lot about me. They know that I like to play fetch and I like to have my ears scratched. I am also super smart and I know sit and shake, and also know something called the “touch game.” I am a very sweet girl with lots of energy, but I will also settle down and just hang out too. I do need my new family to go slowly with me to help me to adjust to my new surroundings. I love to play with other dogs, so if you have another dog that needs a friend, please bring them in to meet me to see if they are willing to share their home and family with me. I am not a fan of the felines though, they just scare the dickens out of me!

I love to go for walks and spending time outside with my friends, so would love to have a nice house with a big yard to run in. But, if you don’t have a yard, I am just fine with walks too, my most important thing right now, is a family to love me. If I sound like I might be the friend you have been looking for, I hope you will come down to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam to meet me. If you have any questions about me, you can email my friend Sharon at and she would be happy to answer them for you. I hope to be seeing you soon!

All my love….Fiona



Hello, my name is Flynn and I have been waiting for my furrever home for quite awhile now!

I am a petite girl at just 3 years old with a thick velvety coat, striking green eyes, and to top it all off, I am permanently wearing a tuxedo so I’m always ready for a fancy party!

Flynn 2

When I first came to the shelter, I was so nervous that I spent most of my days hiding under blankets but then a nice lady took me home to foster me for awhile and she found out that when I’m not scared and nervous, I’m very loving and affectionate! My favorite thing is to snuggle up right next to my people and let them pet me all day long! I can take a little time to get to know new cats, but my foster mom says I made a wonderful substitute mom for the many litters of scared kittens she brought into the house during my stay with her.


I would love the opportunity to be your best friend. Won’t you come meet me at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence Campus? I promise you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about me here.


Watch my Video!



Hi! My name is Momma and I just can’t wait to meet you! I’m the cutest little “pocket pittie” you could ask for. They call me that because I’m a petite little thing – only about 40 pounds!


I’m a little shy at first, but don’t worry! I warm up quickly. Because I can be so shy, I’d do best in a quiet home with no kids under five years old. I’d really like to meet all family members (human and canine) prior to adoption. I have nice manners and walk well on a leash. I would even make a great apartment dog! I have a wonderful friend here at the shelter that takes me home on weekends to her apartment for sleepovers and she says I am very well behaved. I don’t bark when the noisy neighbors cause a ruckus or slam their doors, no sirreee, I don’t make a peep! I let her know when I have to go outside to the bathroom and I sleep all through the night. She said I am the best roommate she has ever had!


Since I am so quiet, sometimes people walk right past me to the louder dogs – can you believe it?! I am just one compact bundle of love, waiting to go home with a special family! Please visit the Great Plains SPCA Merriam Campus today and let me show you what an amazing dog I can be!

Can’t wait to meet you in person!

Love, Momma

Learn More about Momma



Hello! I’m Baby!

I was given that name because I am so precious! Also, I’m very pretty – see my beautiful green eyes? I mean, how could you miss them?! My friends here at Great Plains SPCA describe me as sweet, loving, cuddly and talkative. What more could you ask for in a forever cat companion? I do have to admit that I’m a little bit shy, though. I’m just not very brave with new people or in new situations, but please don’t let that stop you! Once I get to know you, I’m sure we’ll become BFFs! I’m hoping to find a quieter home, without too much noise or commotion -us shy girls like to feel safe. So, if you’re needing a sweet, loving companion, please come very soon and ask to meet me. I’m so anxious to have my very own human to love!

Yours, Baby

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Hi! I’m Sindel Strawberry and I can’t wait to be your new best friend!

I am an energetic pittie that is so ready to find my forever family! I have been here at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence Campus since August 2013, and that is way too long for an awesome girl like me! The most important thing you need to know about me is that I love to play. Playing tug-of-war is my favorite, it gives me a chance to play with people! My perfect family would be one that would allow me to have physical and mental exercise when I need it, but snuggle up on the couch when I want it! If I have caught your eye and you want to come see me, make sure to bring all members of the family to Great Plains SPCA’s Independence Campus – both two and four legged!

I want to know more about Sindel

22 Jul 2014


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Hi everyone, my name is Boomer. I’m a good-natured, active, lovable, in the prime of my life friendly boy who is currently in the market for my forever home. I’ve had some bad luck and a few false starts so far in life. Just as I get all comfortable and settled into a new home and life, I get the rug pulled out from beneath my paws, and I find myself back the shelter. Believe me, it is stressful to not be able to find your rightful place in this world.

I’m not giving up on finding my family. I want to love again. I know that in order for you to adopt me and make me your forever boy, you need to get to know me, right? Ok, so here goes. First of all, I’m a big boy. 73 pounds big. But I’m tall, and lanky, and I’m just the right weight for my frame. I’m strong on the lead, but I’m gentle on the heart. I’ve got the most gorgeous brindle coat, too. It’s soft and sleek. I’ve been told I’m quite handsome, and I’ve got the softest, most expressive brown eyes. I so want a chance to melt your heart.

You should know that I’ve never met a squirrel I didn’t want to chase, and I’ve never met a sofa that I haven’t wanted to curl up and sleep on, but if you don’t want me on your sofa, that is OK too. I will be very happy on my dog bed. I should mention that I’m dreaming about having my very own backyard, and I’ll be on squirrel patrol if you need me to be. Running and playing in a yard is a favorite past time of mine, and I love to while away the hours sunbathing or sitting on the deck with you in the evening watching the sun go down.

Besides a back yard of my own, I’m dreaming about a kid free, cat free home, too. Cats are my nemesis, and children make me nervous and unsure. I can sometimes be confused by the fast and somewhat loud noises that little kids can make. Best that I find a home without them. If you have young ones that stop by to visit, I’d be happy to go to my kennel in another room and sleep there while you entertain. My foster family doesn’t kennel me. I’m so well behaved that they tell me to go to a bedroom and I follow their instructions and stay in the bedroom.

I’ve got great house manners, plus I’m house trained! And I have lived with another dog, too, so if you have a dog close to my size and one who needs a pal, I’d love to meet to see if we get along. I spent a lot of time snuggling with my dog brother on the couch in my previous home. We played a lot, too. I actually taught my dog brother how to play tug of war! How smart am I! I also know a few commands that I’m willing to do when asked. Sit & down are two of my favorites.

My idea of a perfect day is doing things with you. I would enjoy walking or jogging with you, sunning outdoors while you garden, chewing on a bone while you eat, and getting belly rubs while we snuggle. Playing with a toy or two would make the day absolutely sublime. In short, my perfect spot in the whole world is anywhere you are.

What I want the most in this world is to have you find me. I don’t know why finding a forever home is so hard for me. I’ve tried my best to put my heart and soul into family life. I’m protective and I want to give my love to you. My foster homes simply rave about me. I’m friendly, loving, gentle, affectionate, well behaved and I just know I charm the pants off anyone who meets me. Why do all the others get picked and I can’t find you?

I want you to know this. I, Boomer, promise to love you with all my heart, to give you a shoulder to cry on when you are sad and depressed, and I’ll be close by and happy for you when times are the best. I’m loyal like that. I’m willing to be with you through thick and thin. I’ll be your best friend, your confidant, and your protector. Could you be all that for me? Please email and we can set up a meeting. I so want my chance at love again.

Love from Boomer

24 Jun 2014


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Wanna meet your new best friend? Charming, dashingly handsome, friendly, energetic and playful – that’s me, Rocco, and I’m currently searching for my forever home!

I’m a young boy – full of life and love! I’m chock full of energy and athleticism, and I’ve got a rowdy play style with my doggie pals. All my friends think I’m one of the smartest boys at the shelter because I’ve got a razor sharp memory. It hardly takes any time for me to learn new commands! I already know “sit,” “down,” “shake,” “leave it,” “stay,” and “wait at the door.”

I love to take car rides because I’m always up for adventure… and when your car ends up in the drive-thru at Wendy’s, believe me, I’m a very happy boy! I’m patient, though, so you don’t have to worry about me trying to steal your meal! I turn up my nose at french fries, but I will sit quietly awaiting a small piece of your grilled chicken. More is always better, but I promise I wait for you to decide how much I can have. I am a calm boy in the car, and I’d love to do errands with you or even go on a road trip! Anybody for the beach?!I really hope to score a big backyard in my new home so I can run off my energy and enthusiasm for life. Maybe I could be your running or jogging partner? I really love to run, so if you like to run, and I like to run, well, what do you think? Match made in heaven! Running is always better with a friend.


I probably shouldn’t go home with young kids (not that I don’t like them) but I still have so much puppy left in me, and I am a big guy, and I don’t always keep all 4 on the floor, ya know what I mean? I need someone wonderful to come along and teach me more about life and help me become an even better dog than I already am! I want to find a friend who loves the great outdoors as much as I do. One of my favorite things to do is plop down in the soft grass and have someone rub my belly. Another thing I love to do is give kisses!!! I have been told I am the best kisser at the shelter!


Will you come for me and adopt me? If you will, I promise to be your true and faithful friend for a lifetime! Please come and meet me and give me a chance, would you? Please email one of my admirers (Lisa) to arrange for us to meet and/or for more information on me. I promise you I’m worth it! Her email address is

Love from Rocco



16 Jun 2014


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 Hi, Taco here! I am a distinguished gentleman, looking for a loving home in which to spend my golden years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly over-the-hill yet! No sir! I’m 12 years young, enjoying life and planning to spend plenty more years continuing to do just that. The folks here at Great Plains SPCA are super, but a guy likes me needs a forever home of his own. Being an experienced pet, I know that I can bring a lot of love and happiness to whomever will give me that chance. I’m a very sweet guy. I just love to be petted and to cuddle. Give me a nice warm window perch and lots of love and we’re set! I’m too old to climb your curtains but not to old to climb into your lap! So I hope you’ll come down to Great Plains SPCA’s Merriam Campus to meet me today. I’ve got my bags packed and am ready to go home with you if we hit it off! Time to start enjoying those golden years together. The best is yet to be!!!

Love, Taco

05 May 2014

Snow White

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Hi, my name is Snow White and I am a beautiful white cat with a beautiful personality to boot! I was originally found as a stray by a nice lady who brought me here 10 months ago. I am so lucky to be safe and in the care of Great Plains SPCA. Everyone here loves me and they all like to cuddle! Yay! I have lots of people to play with, and boy do I ever love to play! And I have a nice warm, safe place to sleep and plenty of food to eat (maybe even a little too much food — I think I’ve put on a pound or two!) Not to brag, but I was recently even promoted to “free-roamer” status, which means I get the run of the whole place because I am such a good girl and am so friendly!

Snow WhiteI am also very grateful for the help they have given me with my eyes. You see, I have a condition that causes my eyes to get crusty tears. They give me some eye drops for it here, and it sure helps. The vets say it’s nothing to worry about, but I do need to have my drops. I know that’s a lot to ask from a new, forever family but I hope you will think I’m worth it. I am such a sweet, loving, playful girl that a few eye drops really shouldn’t keep us apart! And the vets would be glad to explain all about it if it worries you. I guess we all have little problems like this now and then. Can you overlook my minor flaw and call me your forever family? I’ve been waiting awhile now, hoping to find someone who will look past the crusties and see the loving heart underneath. I promise that if you can do that, you will never, ever be lonely with me in your family!

Come meet me at the Great Plains SPCA Merriam Campus!

Love and purrs, Snow White

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