Spot has been a shelter cat for over 140 days

Spot has been a shelter cat for over 140 days and it’s not her fault. Initially she came in as a nursing mother, then she caught a case of ringworm. Luckily, Spot has spent most of her time in a Foster home. Her ringworm has been treated and she’s back at the shelter looking for her “Home for the Holidays.” When Spot gets adopted, it comes with a bonus–she gets to take home her very own Kit Nip Box, filled with plenty of toys for her to enjoy in her forever home!

Spot is a little over a year old and was transferred to Great Plains SPCA from a rescue with her five kittens. The whole family went into Foster care until the kittens were old enough to be weaned. Spot unfortunately contracted ringworm shortly after returning to the shelter, so she entered Foster care again for the duration of her ringworm treatment. (Ringworm is actually not a worm—it is a fungus.)

Spot is a lovely, playful girl who adores being around people! She is looking for a home where she can be the only cat but has had positive interactions with a dog in her Foster home.

Please consider donating today to our “Home for the Holidays” campaign so we can continue providing pets like Spot the medical and Foster care they need to prepare them for their forever homes! All donations during the month of December will be matched up to $300,000.

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