Injured Stray Given New Hope

Demetri arrived at Great Plains SPCA as a lost stray, found wandering the streets terrified and alone. Our staff noticed almost immediately that something was wrong with Demetri when he arrived. He wouldn’t put any weight on one of his back legs and seemed to be injured. 

Our Shelter Medical Team examined Demetri, and after taking x-rays, found infected screws in his leg from a previous surgery on a broken bone. It was clear now that Demetri was in a tremendous amount of pain. 

We took him to an orthopedic surgeon who determined amputation would be Demetri’s best chance for a full recovery. This is never an easy decision to make, but we knew it was the only way for Demetri to be pain-free once again. 

He is now on the mend after his amputation and learning how to walk again on his now three legs. Luckily, he has us to be there every step of the way!

Emergency surgeries like Demetri’s are taxing for nonprofit organizations like ours. You can Lend A Paw towards the care of pets like Demetri by donating today. Now through July 31, all donations are being matched up to $150,000.

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