HERO Team to the Rescue!

Feral kittens found in vacant house by HERO Team

Our HERO team recently came across a vacant house that was rumored to be home to several cats. Upon entry we believed there were two kittens living at the house.  After investigating, we found there were actually six kittens.

These kittens were very scared and hungry, running behind boxes to hide then ravenously eating when food was given to them.

Our team quickly caught five, but the last kitten snuck through a hole in the floor. She then free fell 10 feet from the main level of the house into the basement.  Luckily, she was unhurt and we were able to get her and her littermates to safety. The kittens are just six weeks old and were no longer being fed by their mother, so their survival depends heavily on human help.

Thanks to our HERO Team, all of them are now safe, happy and healthy at Great Plains SPCA and receiving the care they need! They will be spayed and neutered and ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.

Your donations allow our HERO team to save animals like these kittens in our community.  Please consider donating to help animals just like these kittens during our Lend A Paw Match Campaign where donations will be MATCHED up to $150,000!

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