Thanos survived parvovirus to find his second chance with a forever family.

Thanos is a Cane Corso puppy who was rescued by our HERO Team in late July. This is the story of his fight for survival from parvovirus to forever family. Read more from Thanos’ new Mom on their journey to finding each other below.

“Sometimes the best things come in giant packages!

“We weren’t actively looking for a puppy to add to our family when my husband made a service call at Great Plains SPCA. We thought our hearts were full with grown children, grandkids, a husky and four backyard chickens, but we didn’t know God had one more blessing in store for our family. 

“I met Thanos on a Friday afternoon and fell in love with him that night. He was everything I wanted and more. A gentle, protective, giant breed.  Cane Corsos aren’t for everyone, but it was the only breed my husband inquired about that afternoon. He is the perfect dog for us.

“Our beginning was a little scary. Thanos started showing signs of illness on the second day. But as promised when we signed the adoption paperwork, the staff at Great Plains were there to answer any questions. After a few calls I was asked to bring him in to see the vet on call. They would test him for Parvovirus. That word, it’s the last word a pet parent wants to hear. To our dismay he tested positive. The staff promised to keep me posted and said they would do everything possible to see him through the illness. As promised, we received daily updates and even a picture to boost our spirits as he started to feel better.  The care, love and attention he received was top notch. We could tell they understood he meant the world to us. Today Thanos is a spunky, energetic, lovable puppy. He is a happy, healthy puppy and the perfect match for our family.”

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