Dog rescued from hoarding case has a special walking pattern

Emily was among a group of 14 dogs transferred to Great Plains SPCA from a rural Texas pound after being rescued from a hoarding case. The Athens, Texas (population 12,664) animal control facility that took these dogs in, was overwhelmed with the large influx of additional dogs. They reached out to Great Plains SPCA for support and we quickly transferred them to our shelter less than a week later.

The dogs arrived safely at Great Plains SPCA, albeit a little under socialized, and were generally friendly and healthy. Emily, however, has severe patellar luxation—dislocated kneecaps. Both knees are grade 4 out of 4, meaning the kneecaps are always dislocated and cannot be manually replaced. This causes Emily to have an abnormal crouching gait—she has a special walking pattern.

Our Shelter Medical team has started Emily on joint supplements and recommends her future adopters follow up with their private veterinarian to determine the best course of care as she ages. Despite her condition, Emily is as sweet as can be and immediately climbs into the lap of anyone she meets.

We know there is a special adopter out there who is willing to take on her unique needs. Being transferred to Great Plains SPCA gives Emily a better chance of finding that person because she will have much more exposure than she would in a small shelter.

We have three weeks left in our Lend A Paw match campaign and are 60% of the way to our goal. Your $10 can help us provide more second chances to pets in need like Emily.

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