Bridge The Gap

Did you know that our average cost of care for one pet is $751 while our average adoption fee is just $130?

This gap singlehandedly defines the necessity of donors to our mission.

As an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that does not receive any government funding, we rely on generous community support to help us Bridge the Gap between our cost of care and our adoption fees.

For pets like Suki, who was rescued by our HERO (Humane. Education. Resources. Outreach.) Team from living outdoors in the freezing cold this January, the cost disparity is even more apparent. When we committed to Suki, we also committed to her six one-week-old puppies. The puppies that she was forced to bury in a dirt hole to keep them alive in the dangerous weather. For a family like this, in desperate need of our help, our cost of care is compounded and will total over $5,000. They needed us, and we need you to make caring for them possible.


Not only do large families like Suki’s make an impact, so do long-term medical cases like Taylor. Taylor first arrived at the shelter in June of last year when her owner passed away. Taylor is diabetic, and with countless hours, insulin injections and care, our Shelter Medical Team has helped her reach diabetic remission, making her diabetes very manageable on a special diet. This time and care far increases the gap between Taylor’s cost of care and adoption fee, but your generosity allows our commitment to never waiver.

We simply could not do what we do without your incredibly generous ongoing support.

With 2022 well under way, the number of pets in need continues to increase, and we ask for your help to Bridge the Gap by making a lifesaving donation for pets in need today!

Thank you for making our life saving work possible.

Tam Singer CEO, Great Plains SPCA

Tam Singer
CEO, Great Plains SPCA

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