Why your donations are crucial to our lifesaving mission


This is Anda. Anda has been at Great Plains SPCA for over 100 days and she’s my office mate. When she first arrived, she was incredibly fearful and scared. Our amazing Behavior team and staff have worked tirelessly every day to ensure that she receives all the care to survive and thrive in her new home. Dogs like Anda who have more requirements than other dogs take longer to find a home and we don’t give up on them.

Right now, we’re in the middle of our match campaign, where all donations are matched up to $150,000. As a no-kill shelter that does not receive government funding, we depend on donations. We never want to turn away a dog like Anda, or any other animal that arrives at our doors. We simply cannot do it without you.

If every person who saw this video donated just ten dollars, we would be over 70% of our way to our goal. Donations are crucial for ensuring we can maintain our life-saving mission so that fabulous dogs like Anda, can find their forever home. She’s loyal, she’s loving, she’s house trained, she gives the best hugs in the world. Please consider donating to our Lend-A-Paw match campaign so that we can continue our life-saving work and ensure that dogs just like under never get turned away. Thank you.

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We need you! Every day, Great Plains SPCA works to make the lives of community pets better!  Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue the critical work we do for the animals that come through our doors.
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