We won’t give up on this little Darlin

This past Thursday at 7:00 AM, one of our staff members arrived for their shift to find Darlin tied to a post in our parking lot. She was petrified. 

She was wearing a collar but there was no owner in sight. The staff member quickly came to the sad realization that Darlin had been abandoned. We aren’t sure who did this or why, but we do know that Darlin needed our help. 

We immediately took her inside and set her up in an office where she could destress and be near people. She has clearly been through a lot and appears to be under socialized as well. We know that it may take a while before Darlin learns to fully trust people again, but that’s our area of expertise and we won’t give up on her like the humans previously in her life. 

Even though our kennels are filling up faster than animals are being adopted, we won’t ever turn away an animal who needs our help. Help us care for Darlin, this rare little Rottie-Hound mix, and many others like her that end up abandoned at our front door by making a lifesaving donation now through July 31. All donations will be matched up to $150,000 during our Lend A Paw Match Campaign.

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