Tiny Tonka Needs Your Help

Just last week, Our HERO Manager received an urgent call from a long-term outreach client friend was in a desperate situation and needed immediate placement for their six-month-old English Bulldog, Tiny Tonka.

Our team didn’t hesitate. Tonka needed a safe place to land. We picked Tonka up the very next morning.

Tiny Tonka was not only homeless, he was in pain. He needed swift specialty surgery to correct his inflamed cherry eye, a painful condition caused by a prolapse of a dog’s third eyelid gland. 

We stepped up to make his second chance happen.

Every day, dogs like Tiny Tonka come through our doors. 

2022 has been really tough, the need is great and shelters are at capacity.

Through your gracious generosity we are able to provide pets like Tonka the mental and physical care they need and to find the forever home they deserve. 

Your donation literally saves lives.

Please DONATE NOW to help pets like Tiny Tonka.

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