Grace & Mercy: A HERO Team Story

Our HERO Team found Grace running loose in the cold last week and recognized her immediately. We were able to secure Grace and return her home to the outdoor pen she shares with her brother, Mercy. We were shocked to see Grace’s dog house missing an entire side, meaning she would be unable to protect herself from the cold.

Later that night, we returned with two insulated wooden dog houses to set up for Grace and Mercy. Trying to maneuver in the dark around a pen with two dogs on chains was no easy feat. We resolved to set them up with temporary plastic houses and scheduled time with the family to come back the next morning.

With the owner’s help, we were able to remove the old houses, set up the new insulated ones, provide toys, treats, and straw and provided Grace with a secure new collar. In addition, the owner had already set up heated water bowls for both dogs by the time we had arrived that morning.

We have not been able to consistently work with Grace’s family in the past, but we are now hopeful to continue working together to ensure Grace and Mercy are well cared for in even the most dangerous outdoor conditions.

Your donations ensure pets like Grace and Mercy never go cold. Donate today to have your impact doubled up to $150,000 during our Home for the Holidays match campaign.

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