Hi, I'm Honeybear!

Honeybear is a gentle dog with a heart of gold. She is still a little unsure of the world, but can quickly become a snuggle bug in a quiet home where she feels comfortable. She has lived with cats and can coexist with dogs provided they respect her boundaries. Honeybear doesn’t know many commands yet, but practicing them with a patient teacher will go miles towards building her confidence. If you’re looking for a sweetheart who likes taking things slow, Honeybear may be just the dog for you.

Quick Facts:

    • Honeybear will need a home without kids under eight.
    • She’ll also need to meet the whole family before going home.
    • Honeybear has a chronic limp adopters will need to feel comfortable handling.
    • She’ll also need very slow introductions to new places and people.

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