Hi, I'm Reggie!

I love tennis balls, toys, treats and the love and company of my people. I’m told I get a cute little pep in my step when given the opportunity to spend my time with the people I love. I am currently living in Cameron, MO at the prison in Puppies for Parole. I’m tightening up my obedience skills and perfecting my relationships with both humans and dogs. I’m dog friendly, people friendly and very toy friendly. People smile when they say my name and I get a cute little wiggle in my butt when I hear them say it. If you’re searching for a handsome boy dog who is just a down right  good boy, then reach out and say you’re looking for Reggie! I’ve got lots to share and show you if you give me the chance.


*** I’m offsite at Puppies for Parole! If you’re interested in adopting me, please contact melissa.mauch@doc.mo.gov***

Quick Facts:

  • Two years old
  • Weighs 52 pounds
  • Participating in the Puppies for Parole Program
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