Hi, I'm Oliver!

I don’t even know where to start. I have so much to tell you! Seriously, I am pretty much the perfect package – housetrained, nondestructive, dog-friendly??. Kids over five who want to pal around with me would be great too! A home without cats or small animals would be best too.

I am a big boy who knows how to party hard with other dogs, so bring your pups up to meet me so we can get this party started! Not everyone likes the rowdy, big boy play style, though, so Grade A chillers may not appreciate my enthusiasm.

I recently came back from our Pups for Parole program, and I was a MASSIVE hit. Here are 2 journal entries from my handler in the program. “I taught him “place”, “kennel”, “leave” in a matter of hours. Really smart dog. LOYAL! I wouldn’t even need a leash. Good companion. Wants to lie in bunk with me.” Here’s part of another: “Loves playing with other dogs one-on- one. Will shy away from pack play. Very loving. Everyone loves him.”

As you can tell – I AM READY FOR HOME. Don’t forget to watch my video. Cannot wait to meet you. I’m thinking positive and it will be SOON – right?

Quick Facts:

  • Four Years Old
  • 82 Pounds
  • Recent participant in the  Puppies for Parole program!
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