Hi! I'm Mable!

You might have already heard of me… I like to think I’m the coolest cat on the block, and my friends here would have to agree. I don’t really know why I’m back at the shelter again, but I guess my owners weren’t able to look after me any longer, so I am here waiting for my new family to see me for the true beauty I am. I’m the perfect mix of playful and relaxed, meaning I know how to have a good time, but I’m also more than happy to fly solo when we’re done. I can be a bit shy around new people, but I warm up pretty quickly and then I’ll be ready to chill with you! Isn’t my coat gorgeous? I think my stripes are fitting for a brave and playful girl like me.

Quick Facts:

  • Three years old
  • 12 Pounds
  • All around sweet girl
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