I'm Merlin!

Honestly, my life has been a little rough up until now. I was attacked by another kitty in one of my previous homes, and bounced around from place to place searching for that perfect fit. Though I’m a little scared, all the nice people at Great Plains SPCA have told me that I’ll be okay.

I’m slowly adjusting to my surroundings at the shelter, so we may have to take our first introduction slowly. But once we’re best friends, you’ll have a loyal friend who’s an excellent listener. I’ve met a few other cats here, and I’ve realized that not all of them are so mean. Maybe with a quiet home, lots of love and a patient family, I could try and make it work with another kitty.

Quick Facts:

  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Nine years old
  • Would love to find a home that is nice and quiet
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