Do you work long hours? Are you on the road a lot? Live in a small apartment? Do you love dogs but just can’t own one right now? While those restrictions can sometimes get in the way of adopting a pet, Great Plains SPCA is offering Adventure Tails now has a way dog lovers can enjoy a pet in your life without actually owning one! 

We are unbelievably excited to debut our newest program, Adventure Tails! Give a shelter dog a much-needed break from the kennel with a fun field trip. As an Adventure Tails volunteer, you’re helping dogs lower their stress with a walk through a park, some quiet time at a cafe or even just cuddling on a couch.

This innovative program launches May 22, thanks to Maddie’s Fund, and runs through June 19. Pick up a dog between 9 am and 9:30 a.m. and return by noon that same day. All dogs will be sent with a collar, harness, leash, map of locations to visit, and a Pawport goodie bag.

To take a dog on a field trip for a couple of hours, sign up for a time slot. Then, our staff will pair you with an amazing dog that matches your interest and ability. For example, if you say you’re comfortable spending time with a high-energy dog and plan to go hiking, we’ll pair you with a dog that is ready to go! Or, if you’d rather enjoy a coffee with a sedate personality, we’ll find you the perfect café companion.

Have questions about your own Adventure Tail? Contact Ashley Flores at

Adventure Tails FAQs

What is an Adventure Tails field trip?
It’s at least a two-hour excursion out of the shelter doing something fun! It can be a hike, park time, going to a animal friendly place, or going to a home for a play/nap date. When you come in, we will provide you with some suggested places you can visit.

Can I keep the dog overnight?
Unfortunately, the program is designed to be a few hours out of the shelter for the dog, and then they come back so they have a better chance of being adopted.

Can they go to dog parks or do dog introductions?
No, this is time for the animals to relax and get some time out of the shelter. They will not be allowed to go to the dog park or interact with any other dogs during their field trip.

Why did you create this program?
It’s difficult to get a good sense of an animal’s personality in the crowded, stressful shelter atmosphere. When a dog is out of the shelter, they can relax and open up, often becoming a completely different animal.

As an Adventure Tails volunteer , you will get a good sense of the dog’s personality and report back to Great Plains staff. As a result, more information about the dog becomes available to potential adopters, increasing the chance the dog will find his or her furever home.

Will this program continue after June 19th?
Yes, if the program is successful, we plan continue it. We may do it the same way or tweak it a bit depending on the feedback we receive.

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