Where can I see the pets that are available for adoption?

Visit our Adopt page to see all of our pets that are currently available for adoption. Check back often because we update this page frequently – sometimes multiple times a day. You can also follow us on Facebook to see particular pets highlighted.

What kinds of animals do you have at your shelter?

We have dogs, puppies, cats and kittens of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages that are all looking for a forever home. Sometimes we do have birds, guinea pigs, and other smaller animals available for adoption.

What’s included in the adoption fee?

All adopted pets receive spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, a care bag and more.
See our How to Adopt page for more details.

What are the adoption fees for pets?

Our adoption fees vary by pet type, age, and situation. Visit the Adopt page to see all of our pets. You can click on the pet to see their bio and adoption fee. Periodically we have adoption specials to help encourage adoption when our shelter is full.

How can I learn more detail about the pet I’m interested in?

First, visit the Adopt page to see all of our pets that are currently available for adoption. If you would still like more information, call our Adoptions Team at (913) 742-7355, or better yet, come visit the pet and see if it’s a match.

What is the adoption process?

We recommend potential adopters research breeds to find what pet will fit into their lifestyle. You may visit our pets at the shelter and spend some quality time with one or multiple pets.Other members of the family should be introduced (two-legged and four-). You’ll complete a brief adoption survey, and our staff will be there to help.

When a match has been made, you pay the adoption fee and sign an agreement.
Take your new pet home, visit a veterinarian, and get accustomed to your new family member. Keep in contact and let us know how the pet is doing.

What if the pet does not work out in my home?

We want you and your new pet to be as happy as possible. If for any reason you feel that the pet you have adopted is not right for your household, you may always return that pet (please call for an appointment). If you return a pet within 30 days of adoption, we may issue an exchange certificate for another adoption. We do not issue refunds.

Do you have any purebred animals?

While the majority of our pets are custom mixes, about a quarter of our pets are generally purebred.
Be sure to look at our Adopt page to see who we have available now.

Do you have senior appropriate pets?

We always have pets that are appropriate for seniors. These pets are calmer, well-behaved, well-mannered and may be older as puppies require much attention and energy.
Call our shelter and they will direct you to ideal pets.

If I can’t adopt, what can I do to help?

You can be a Hero for our shelter pets by helping us care for them.
You can give a gift online or donate items from our Wish List.

Lost Pets

What do I do if I’ve lost a pet?

First, you need to call your local animal control then the shelter or veterinary where they take pets they find (calling is more effective than email).Go to your area’s shelter to see if your pet is there, and call other pet facilities in the area. Ask how often you should call back to update your report.

At Great Plains SPCA, lost reports are automatically cleared from our database after 30 days. Learn more on our Lost a Pet? webpage.

What do I do if I’ve found a pet?

A few recommendations for finding the owners of the pet: look for tags on the pet, take the pet to a shelter to scan for a microchip, make posters, post the pet online, alert animal control, shelters, or veterinary offices.
Read our Found a Pet? web page to learn more actions you can take.

Pet Admissions

How can I surrender my pet?

If you feel that you must surrender your pet, we are here to help. However, please understand that our help may be providing you with other resources. We always make our decision about taking your pet based on what is best for the pet and what we can do with the resources we have. Read more about the process on our Relinquish your Pet page.

Do you provide services so that I may be able to keep my pet?

There are resources available to help you keep your pet under almost any circumstance – financial, environmental, medical, behavioral, etc.We are here to provide you with the resources to help you maintain the special bond with your pet.
Read about alternatives on our Relinquish your Pet page.

Are you a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes, Great Plains SPCA is a Missouri 501c3 organization tax-exempt organization.

What is your mission?

The mission of Great Plains SPCA is to save, protect and improve the lives of animals, while strengthening the relationship between pets and their human companions.

What programs do you offer?

We offer 8 live-saving programs:

  1. Adoptions
  2. Lost Pet Reunions
  3. HERO (Humane Education and Resource Officers)
  4. TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release)
  5. Behavior and Training
  6. Volunteering
  7. Fostering
  8. Legislative Initiatives

Are you affiliated with the ASPCA?

Great Plains SPCA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, separate from the ASPCA.
However, we are connected with this national organization through funding, animal welfare initiatives and more.

What volunteer opportunities do you have?

Whether you’d like to volunteer as an individual, family or group, we welcome your gift of time.
Our volunteers are Heroes for pets and help Great Plains SPCA to be able to support needy pets in the community.Learn more about volunteering on our Volunteer webpage.

How can I help Great Plains SPCA?

Be a Hero. – Adopt. Donate. Volunteer.

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