A HERO Team story to Tug on your heart

Tug was found by our HERO Team wandering the streets of Kansas City, MO, starving, dehydrated and riddled with masses and wounds. When we found him, he was scrounging around a dumpster searching desperately for food. There is no way to know how long he was living on the streets and fending for himself, but he was not in good shape. As soon as our HERO Team opened the van door and shook a bag of treats, he dashed to us for safety, friendly as can be, and grateful for a safe haven.

Tug has been at the shelter for the past four weeks receiving medical care and spending time recovering. He had multiple masses removed, which were biopsied and luckily came back benign. He’s on a regular feeding schedule to get him to a healthy weight and is in the process of being treated for heartworms. He’s still got a ways to go to heal from his mass removals and is receiving ongoing care and love to heal as he waits for his forever home.

Your donations mean our HERO Team doesn’t have to hesitate when they come across a pet in need. Please consider donating to help pets like Tug receive the care and lifesaving medical treatment they deserve.

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