We Need Your Help To Keep Pets In Homes

With shelters at capacity across the Kansas City metro, it is now more important than ever to keep pets in homes and off the streets. We receive hundreds of calls every month from people wanting to surrender their large dogs. It takes time to build a bond and setting realistic expectations for what your home life might be like with a new pet will help this bond last a lifetime.

Before you decide to adopt, the ASPCA created a helpful “Meet Your Match” pre-adoption survey. The survey can be printed upon completion and brought with you to Great Plains SPCA to help our very own matchmaking adoption specialists find you the perfect pet to match your lifestyle.

We like to refer first time adopters to the Rule of Threes, when getting to know their new pets. The Rule of Threes is a general timeline for adopted animals to adjust to their new surroundings and environment after adoption. Every animal is unique and will require individual adjustment periods while learning new routines.

Rule of Threes

Three Days – Decompression Time

  • May feel overwhelmed at times
  • True personality may not show
  • May be reluctant to eat or drink
  • May seek refuge in a safe space or become unresponsive to commands
  • Tests the boundaries of acceptable behavior

Three Weeks – Learning The Routine

  • Begins feeling more comfortable with their new environment
  • Begins to recognize the family dynamic and routines
  • True Personality begins to show and slowly lets down guard
  • Behavior issues may arise as pet becomes comfortable with surroundings

Three Months – Starting To Feel At Home

  • Feels comfortable in new home
  • Builds bonds and trust with family members
  • Feels completely secure with family and surroundings
  • Has a set routine to follow and understands the household rules
  • Is able to show full personality

It is our goal to find homes for all the animals that come through our doors, we also want to make sure the home is the right fit for the pet. Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen situations happen and owners must make a difficult decision. We ask the public to do all they can to hold on to their pets or find an alternative for rehoming them.

Before you take your pet to a shelter

  • Check the pet policy at your new home before you sign a lease to make sure your dog can live with you.
  • Plan ahead when moving to give yourself time to make arrangements for your pet so you don’t have to bring them to a shelter.
  • Take your dog to training if there is a behavioral issue that is causing you to feel the need to give up your dog. Great Plains SPCA offers an excellent behavior training program.
  • If you find a stray dog, consider keeping the dog or rehoming it before taking it to a shelter. Most veterinarian offices will scan for a microchip to see if there is an owner.

If all of these tips make perfect sense, you can help share our tips to help us keep even more pets happy and in their new homes. Our shelter is currently at capacity for large dogs with little movement approaching the holiday season and we can’t find them homes without you. We provide the best care possible while these animals wait for their forever homes.

This care does come at a cost with an average stay of 26 days, the cost of care per pet is $751. With over 50 large dogs currently at our shelter, that’s around $37,550 in total cost of care just for our big dogs. We need your help to reach our goal of $400,000 by December 31, so we can continue to provide our best-in-class care for these pets. Right now all donations are matched up to $150,000. Will you help support our shelter pets while they wait to find their forever homes?

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