URGENT: Puppy needs specialty surgery

Willie is the runt of an unwanted litter recently surrendered to our HERO Team. After being surrendered, Willie headed to a Foster home with his siblings, and the Foster quickly noted he was regurgitating much of his food.

Help Willie Today

Willie was seen by our veterinarians and a specialist who have determined that he likely has a condition called persistent right aortic arch (PRAA). This means a blood vessel that normally goes away before birth is still present and wrapped around his esophagus, causing the regurgitation. He is scheduled to receive surgery to correct the condition this week, and while surgery is costly, the success rate is high.

We urgently need to raise $5,000 so we can provide Willie the specialty surgery her needs to live a long and healthy life. Please donate what you can to help Willie and future pets in need of specialty medical assistance here.

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