Building a Sustainable Behavior Program

Behavior Training

Building a Sustainable Behavior Program is an online (3-courses over three weeks) training offered nationwide to any shelter that needs help building a sustainable and lasting behavior program presented by the Great Plains SPCA Behavior Team in partnership with Best Friends.

Best Friends

The purpose of this program is to provide education on how to incorporate different behavior programs into shelters without these programs and to help reduce humane euthanasia for animals displaying a variety of undesirable behaviors or aggression.

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What is covered in this course?


  • Behavior Evaluations
  • Walking Dot Colors
  • Behavior Zones
  • Top Animals to Promote
  • QOL Behavior Euthanasia Assessment
  • Questions


  • Training Tools
  • Training Techniques
  • Training Staff and Volunteers
  • F.A.S.T. Teams
  • Enrichment


  • Community Resources
  • Behavior Partners
  • Behavior Pharmaceuticals
  • Behavior Tracking and Reporting
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