Pregnant, homeless, and starving

Pregnant, homeless, and starving. This was life for poor Gwendolyn until a good Samaritan learned about her situation and reached out to our HERO team. We immediately took in Gwendolyn and her six two-week-old puppies and a generous staff member offered to foster them. Gwendolyn was finally in a safe place where she could gather her strength and nurse her babies.

But she still has a long way to go before she is healthy and feeling like a normal dog again. She has mastitis, which is inflammation of a mammary gland, usually caused by a bacterial infection after a dog gives birth. She also has hair loss on her hind end from flea bites and her teeth are ground down and broken. The cost of treating these conditions, feeding her and her puppies, administering their vaccines and then spaying and neutering them all adds up. 

We need support from donors like you to allow us to help families like Gwendolyn and her pups. We don’t know the full story of Gwendolyn’s previous life, but we promise her future will be filled with nothing but kindness and love from here on out. Please donate during our Lend A Paw donation drive to reach our goal of $350,000 by July 31.

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