Groups and Community Service

Global-Prairie-2Group visits are generally scheduled once to twice weekly at each campus. These openings are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Adult Group Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering as a group? Email for group opportunities and scheduling. Please understand that due to space and resource limitations, group sizes are limited to 15.

Youth Group Volunteer Opportunities

-Individuals 11 years of age and older

-Volunteer Opportunities are limited to 90 minutes

-All children must present a Waiver reviewed and signed by a parent/guardian

-Due to space and resource limitations, service within the shelter is limited to:

-No more than 15 total individuals (including adult chaperones)

-Groups of children must be at a ratio of 1 adult per every 4 children (eg. 12 children, 3 adults)

-We do not host birthday parties

-Should your group not meet our outlined requirements, find a list of do-at-home projects, donation drives and fundraising events which can be completed offsite.

Community Service

Court-ordered Community Service is a separate program and cases are subject to approval.

-Individual must be 21 years of age or older

-Cases involving violence, theft or weapons will not be accepted

-Individual must contact Volunteer Manager directly to initiate process.