From Neglect To Safety

On January 31st The Humane Society of the United States was deployed to a property in Topeka, Kansas. 70 dogs and cats were found and 18 deceased animals on the property. Their living conditions were horrendous, with feces and debris covering almost every surface. And many of the animals were emaciated, sick, and needed to be saved.

Great Plains SPCA heard the news and knew we had to help. Our team quickly jumped into action, arranging transfer and preparing for the arrival of 13 animals. Within a matter of days, these pets were on their way to our shelter and ready for the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Our new arrivals are learning what it truly means to be loved. There are numerous medical concerns that will be addressed by our Shelter Medicine, including alopecia, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, dental disease, eye infections, and countless others. We are relieved that these pets are now safe in our care, but our work is not over.

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