Fourth of July Pet Safety

The Fourth of July is coming up soon, which means FIREWORKS!!! Humans can’t seem to get enough of fireworks and love to celebrate the Independence Day holiday. However, many animals are absolutely terrified of Fireworks and they may cause animals extreme anxiety and in worse case scenarios, to even run away from their homes out of panic. Did you know that dogs run away from their homes more on Independence Day than any other holiday? Here are some tips to keeping your pet safe during the Fourth of July holiday.

  • Keep your pets indoors during the Fireworks! This means take them potty or walk them earlier in the day to prevent them from being outdoors when fireworks are being shot off. Avoid taking your pet to wherever you’re celebrating if fireworks are present. We love having our pets with us, but this may not be the time and place for that. 
  • Make sure your pet’s collar is well-fitted with up-to-date information. This includes making sure your microchip company has accurate information. 
  • Create a safe place for your pet or a place for your pet to hide. Create some white noise for your pet, this can mean having a noise maker or just play the television or radio. I personally like to use the basement on this holiday because it’s quieter than another space in my home. 
  • Consider hiring a trainer to work on desensitization. It’s too late to get them ready for the holiday this year, but you could prepare for next year.  
  • Talk to your vet about getting medication to help your pet during times of loud noises such as fireworks or storms. 
  • Provide lots of enrichments and activities to distract them. You can always skip the fireworks and celebrate low-key with your pets!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday for you and your pets this year!

Thank you, 

Ashley Flores
Director of Animal Behavior and Training, CPDT-KA

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