Carrot is back and we’re heartbroken

Many of you likely remember this sweet face. Carrot was a long-term dog who was with us for six months prior to being adopted in October. We had the highest of hopes for Carrot that his new home would be forever and had been in regular contact with his owner, who said things were going well. We even received photos and an update that things were going well. Not seven days later, Carrot was found out on the streets.

As you can imagine, we were completely distraught to learn that Carrot was found last week wandering in the middle of nowhere. Luckily a kind stranger found him and was able to keep him safe until he could be returned to our care.

Both the finders and we tried tirelessly to get in touch with Carrot’s adopter. We got no response despite extensive efforts over multiple days. Finally, we got a brief email response from his adopter stating he had rehomed Carrot. No other details were shared. We have no idea what actually happened because Carrot’s former owner refused to give us additional information despite many pleas.

Carrot is now safely back in our care. This terrible situation highlights a key piece of our mission and approach – that we will always take our pets back. No matter what happens. We want our pets safe.

As much as we are filled with excitement and hope when a pet, especially a long term pet, is adopted, we know that things happen. We know that situations change and some adoptions just don’t work out. And we are here for our pets when they need to come back.

It has taken Carrot several days to adjust back to life at the shelter. As you can imagine he was very distressed when he first arrived. He’s doing better now, and we’re just grateful he made his way back to us. Almost nothing compares to the heartbreaking news that one of our pets is out on its own and not being cared for. We can only hope that Carrot’s story serves as an example of our unyielding commitment to our pets so this doesn’t happen again. 

Carrot’s story doesn’t end here. Help us give him the best present he could hope for: a home for Christmas. Please share and donate what you can so we can always be here when pets need us most.

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