Can you help Benny?

We’re seeking a Foster-to-Adopt home committed to following a behavior modification plan and working directly with our Director of Animal Behavior & Training to ensure Benny’s success. Benny’s lack of success in his previous homes is largely attributed to his behavior prescription plan not being followed.

  • Benny will thrive in a home without children under 16.
  • His ideal home is one where he is not left alone all day.
    Benny is dog friendly and plays appropriately with other dogs, but his ideal home will be one without other animals in order to best manage his behaviors at this time.
  • Benny is crate trained, house trained, and a great leash walker.
  • Our Director of Animal Behavior & Training believes Benny’s below behaviors are manageable and trainable if in the right household.
  • Benny has exhibited isolation distress, resource guarding and food aggression.
  • Our Director of Animal Behavior & Training will provide a detailed plan for modifying Benny’s behaviors, in addition to one-on-one training sessions to ensure his success in the home.
  • Following the behavior modification plan provided by our Behavior Team is vital to Benny’s success. We cannot stress this enough.
  • Benny is a five-year-old Golden Retriever/mix.

Despite our best efforts, Benny is becoming more stressed in the shelter environment each week. We are not giving up on him, but we need someone to commit to supporting his needs in a Foster-to-Adopt home. Can you help Benny?

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