A day in the life of our HERO team

Our HERO (Humane Education Resources Outreach) team’s lifesaving work continues to assist the most vulnerable pets in our community during this increasingly uncertain time. Watch this quick video, which captures a day in the life of our HERO team.

Our HERO team’s services reach more than 2,000 of the most in-need pets in our neighborhoods annually, and we rely on help from community members like you to make this important program possible. Whether it is pet food assistance to keep them from going hungry, shelter or straw for appropriate outdoor housing or relief from being chained, we take a proactive approach to improve the lives of these animals. This is video only shows a small portion of a day in the life of our HERO team. The need for support of this program is greater now than ever. Donate today to make an impact for the pets and people we serve.

Please contact our HERO Outreach Team for more information, if you are concerned about a pet in the community, or if you know of a pet who needs:

  • Food assistance to keep from going hungry
  • Shelter or straw for appropriate outdoor housing
  • Relief from being chained
  • Community Cat Trap Neuter Return information and support
  • Advice for behavioral issues

Through education and advocacy our team strives to build awareness, address community concerns, and help reduce pet overpopulation.

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