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Hi, Al Pacino here!

While my name suggests I am hardcore gangster, I’m actually just a handsome hunk of silver canine looking for my forever home. I’m a mature guy at four years old, and I walk fairly well on a leash. I’m super toy and treat motivated, so it would be fun and easy to teach me lots of things! I am so goofy – I’ll keep you laughing all day long! I really want and deserve a family to call my own. I do very well with all people but am not a fan of other animals, so I do need to be the only animal in the home (I’d rather have you all to myself anyways!). I’m what we refer to as an “office foster.” I’ve been receiving LOTS of attention in a staff member’s office, and although I love my shelter friends, I would love a couch to call my own in your home. Part of my adoption fee has been paid, making my fee just $75 – a steal if you ask me because I’m a lot of dog for a little moolah!

Al Pacino 2
I’ll be here at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence campus waiting for you. Please come soon!

Love, Al

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The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. ~ Terri Guillemets

Jerry and Karen Green’s relationship with Great Plains SPCA dates back to 1981, when they adopted their first kitten, Leo, from Animal Haven (our legacy organization) while in college. They have adopted three additional cats from Great Plains SPCA, including most recently Mia (pictured) in August. Jerry started as a cat volunteer in 2010 and then a couple years later Karen got tired of hearing how much fun he was having and joined as a volunteer as well. Jerry continues to focus on cat socializing while Karen writes profiles for our adoptables, takes photos, and working with potential adopters. Knowing how much they enjoy their own kitties,  Jerry and Karen find it very rewarding when customers find a kitty to adopt (or vice versa!)

Jerry and Karen Green


Hello! I’m Baby!

I was given that name because I am so precious! Also, I’m very pretty – see my beautiful green eyes? I mean, how could you miss them?! My friends here at Great Plains SPCA describe me as sweet, loving, cuddly and talkative. What more could you ask for in a forever cat companion? I do have to admit that I’m a little bit shy, though. I’m just not very brave with new people or in new situations, but please don’t let that stop you! Once I get to know you, I’m sure we’ll become BFFs! I’m hoping to find a quieter home, without too much noise or commotion -us shy girls like to feel safe. So, if you’re needing a sweet, loving companion, please come very soon and ask to meet me. I’m so anxious to have my very own human to love!

Yours, Baby

I want to learn more about Baby!

Volunteers are paid in six figures… S-M-I-L-E-S.  – Gayla LeMaire

Sherri Christian – Independence

Sherri-webSherri volunteers mostly with the dogs as she works on her Animal Behavior College homework. She has taught many of our dogs basic manners as well as to trust that people are good and come with gentle hands full of treats. But in July, Sherri dropped everything to help with Independence’s Young Heroes for Pets Summer Camp. Sherri has a wealth of experience with youth camps and animal-themed activities.

Not only did Sherri give us her whole week to help run the camp, she brought her own lessons, too! She taught an owl pellet dissection and prepared all the materials for appropriate bird houses for our wrens, chickadees, screech owls, and even bats! Sherri’s enthusiasm for summer camp and her dedication to the animals and the kids made our level of success possible.

Thank you so much, Sherri!!

Christine and Zeb Sanders – Merriam

1“We began fostering in February of 2009. We got a pregnant lab/pit mix and she gave birth in our house 4 days after we brought her home as an emergency foster! (We didn’t have a license yet). She had 9 puppies over 15 hours. We had never done anything like fostering before, but after having Lucie we were hooked!

We fell in love with her and decided to keep her after the puppies were adopted and we have been going strong ever since! As of today we have had 340 fosters! We usually get them in litters which is why we have been able to have so many!

We have a room just for the fosters so that they have space to play and grow nice and healthy! We love fostering and have no plans to stop anytime soon!”

340 fosters?! We don’t even want to think about where we would be without the expert fostering care that Christine and Zeb provide! Thank you, guys, for being a Hero for our shelter pets!

Darci Magneson – Merriam

DarciDarci has been volunteering with us going on 8 years or so.

She works our offsite events, is a volunteer mentor and teacher, always offers to work special events and even helps clean the cattery! Darci is such a joy to have around the shelter and helps nearly every time we ask. She has graciously helped with the kids summer camp doing everything from being the lunch monitor to tying many shoelaces! She did not, however, ride the horse!

Darci can often be seen doing laundry, cleaning kennels, and walking through the shelter with her latest foster. She also bakes delicious holiday cookies for the staff! We are ever so grateful that Darci continues to choose Great Plains SPCA to donate her time! We love you Darci!




Hi! I’m Sindel Strawberry and I can’t wait to be your new best friend!

I am an energetic pittie that is so ready to find my forever family! I have been here at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence Campus since August 2013, and that is way too long for an awesome girl like me! The most important thing you need to know about me is that I love to play. Playing tug-of-war is my favorite, it gives me a chance to play with people! My perfect family would be one that would allow me to have physical and mental exercise when I need it, but snuggle up on the couch when I want it! If I have caught your eye and you want to come see me, make sure to bring all members of the family to Great Plains SPCA’s Independence Campus – both two and four legged!

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At Great Plains SPCA, we are Kansas City proud, and we know you are too! That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Sirius Republic, a nationally known creator of unique handmade collars. You and your pet can show your Kansas City love by sporting one of these 12 designs, all the while supporting our shelter pets because 20% of all proceeds benefit Great Plains SPCA in August!


Adoptable Dru is wearing the “Shawnee Mission Dog Park” collar.

Exclusively with Great Plains SPCA…

A limited supply of these collars and matching leashes are available for sale at MetroPAWlitan Pet Supply inside our Merriam Pet Adoption Center. You can also purchase yours online. The collars are machine washable and available in various sizes and styles. So what are you waiting for? Show off your Kansas City pride today!


Great Plains SPCA alumnus Cobalt is wearing the “Waldo” collar with matching leash.


Vote NO on Amendment 1: The Right to Farm to STOP Puppy Mills and Other Animal Abuse AND Support Local Farmers

On Tuesday, August 5th, Missouri residents will be able to vote on this important law, but even if you’re not a Missouri resident, please spread the word. We need everyone at the polls to ensure the safety of the animals in Missouri and beyond.

The “Right to Farm”… It sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled! 

Missouri Farmers already have the right to farm (and this legislation has been in place since the 80’s). We want to keep it that way to protect local family farmers. If passed, this amendment would change the Missouri constitution, endangering the future of local family farmers as well as companion animals. It would eliminate regulation of breeders.

To put it simply, Amendment 1 would ELIMINATE ANIMAL CRUELTY laws. Pets in breeding facilities would no longer be required to have annual veterinary exams, humanely sized cages for housing, or exercise. Furthermore, there would be no accountability for pets who are suffering from inhumane conditions. Farmers and ranchers who are not treating their animals well will be protected by their “right to farm,” which is more like a “right to harm.”


Additionally, if passed, Amendment 1 would turn over farming to “Big Ag,” meaning there would be few regulations in place to protect our food quality. Let’s not give the rights of Missouri Citizens away to industrialized agriculture and giant corporations – many of which are foreign.

The Missouri House overwhelmingly rejected an amendment to this legislation which would have excluded dogs and cats. This is not simply about farming – it’s about weakening all pet and animal protection.

A few questions to ask yourself…

1)     Are you okay with abuse and neglect of animals in Missouri, especially in puppy mills? No.
2)     Are you okay with Missouri farmers being overtaken by foreign-owned factory farms? No.
3)     Are you okay with the runoff from corporate hog farms infiltrating your drinking water without restrictions? No.
4)     Are you okay with having a hog farm set up operations in your backyard? No.

If you would say No to all of the things above that can happen if passed… Vote NO on Amendment 1 to let our local farmers farm and protect Missouri’s animals from cruelty.


Not many people realize what this amendment is about or that it’s even up for vote! So, we need you to help us defeat this amendment. Every vote matters! Your vote will absolutely change the future for local animals. Please be a part of making positive history and protecting the rights of the animals and family farmers counting on us!

What you will see on the ballot…

Vote No 10

The wording is intentionally ambiguous and vague and if it becomes law, will OVERRULE the laws and regulations that protect our animals from abuse and neglect today. Please make sure you vote and spread the word today!

Vote No 7

29 Jul / 2014

Featured Pet: Cody

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Hi there! My name is Cody, and I’m a super sweet little guy that would love to go home with you.


I know what you must be thinking. . . “what a sweet face on that tiny gentleman, but I wonder what happened to make him look like a pirate?” You see, when I came to Great Plains SPCA, I would constantly get little eye boogies in my eye that just wouldn’t go away. My staff and volunteer friends would try to wipe them away for me, but they couldn’t get them out of there! They could tell that it was bothersome for me and it would make my eye water, and make their eyes water when they looked at me too, so the wonderful vets here decided that my damaged eye needed to come out and WOW! I feel SO much better!! I get around great, and I actually get compliments — people seem to think I look pretty cool as a pirate pup! Arrr! The only possible concern I have with my new look — and you would have it too — is that sometimes when people touch me on my blind side it startles me! Bigger kids and grown-ups are awesome at remembering to talk to me and touch me where I can see first, but little guys often forget. That’s made me start to prefer hanging out with older kids and grown-ups.

Another cool thing I’ve done while waiting for you is go on slumber parties with a nice volunteer! While I was preparing for my surgery and then after they removed my eye, she took me home so I could recover and get used to living with the single eye. She said I am doing great and have adjusted well. I can do stairs with no problems whatsoever and am just as sweet and loving as I ever was! I love going for walks with my friends and love being snuggled and cuddled. I am also housebroken and can be left alone in the house without any worries while you are gone. I get along great with other dogs too!!! I am just an all around good little boy. If you are looking for a super sweet, super snuggler, I am probably your guy!!! Please come to Great Plains SPCA very, VERY soon! I am waiting to give you my heart and just can’t wait to go home with you!!

All my love…Cody

I want to learn more about Cody!

The “Right to Farm.” It sounds great doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled!

Vote NoMissouri Farmers already have the right to farm and we want to keep it that way, especially for family farmers. On August 5, Amendment 1 which would change the Missouri constitution, goes to citizens for a vote. If passed, Amendment 1 the “Right to Farm,” would endanger not only the future of local family farmers but also companion animals and would eliminate regulation of breeders. Amendment 1 would ELIMINATE ANIMAL CRUELTY laws which protect animals across our state. Pets in breeding facilities would no longer be required to have annual veterinary exams, cages of humane size for housing, exercise, and there would be no accountability for pets who are suffering in inhumane conditions. Additionally if passed, Amendment 1 would turn over farming to “Big Ag” where there would be few regulations in place to protect our food quality. Let’s not give the rights of Missouri Citizens away to industrialized agriculture and giant corporations. Let our farmers farm and lets protect Missouri’s animals from cruelty. Vote NO on Amendment 1.

Read more about why the Right to Farm Bill is WRONG for Missouri

22 Jul / 2014


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Hi everyone, my name is Boomer. I’m a good-natured, active, lovable, in the prime of my life friendly boy who is currently in the market for my forever home. I’ve had some bad luck and a few false starts so far in life. Just as I get all comfortable and settled into a new home and life, I get the rug pulled out from beneath my paws, and I find myself back the shelter. Believe me, it is stressful to not be able to find your rightful place in this world.

I’m not giving up on finding my family. I want to love again. I know that in order for you to adopt me and make me your forever boy, you need to get to know me, right? Ok, so here goes. First of all, I’m a big boy. 73 pounds big. But I’m tall, and lanky, and I’m just the right weight for my frame. I’m strong on the lead, but I’m gentle on the heart. I’ve got the most gorgeous brindle coat, too. It’s soft and sleek. I’ve been told I’m quite handsome, and I’ve got the softest, most expressive brown eyes. I so want a chance to melt your heart.

You should know that I’ve never met a squirrel I didn’t want to chase, and I’ve never met a sofa that I haven’t wanted to curl up and sleep on, but if you don’t want me on your sofa, that is OK too. I will be very happy on my dog bed. I should mention that I’m dreaming about having my very own backyard, and I’ll be on squirrel patrol if you need me to be. Running and playing in a yard is a favorite past time of mine, and I love to while away the hours sunbathing or sitting on the deck with you in the evening watching the sun go down.

Besides a back yard of my own, I’m dreaming about a kid free, cat free home, too. Cats are my nemesis, and children make me nervous and unsure. I can sometimes be confused by the fast and somewhat loud noises that little kids can make. Best that I find a home without them. If you have young ones that stop by to visit, I’d be happy to go to my kennel in another room and sleep there while you entertain. My foster family doesn’t kennel me. I’m so well behaved that they tell me to go to a bedroom and I follow their instructions and stay in the bedroom.

I’ve got great house manners, plus I’m house trained! And I have lived with another dog, too, so if you have a dog close to my size and one who needs a pal, I’d love to meet to see if we get along. I spent a lot of time snuggling with my dog brother on the couch in my previous home. We played a lot, too. I actually taught my dog brother how to play tug of war! How smart am I! I also know a few commands that I’m willing to do when asked. Sit & down are two of my favorites.

My idea of a perfect day is doing things with you. I would enjoy walking or jogging with you, sunning outdoors while you garden, chewing on a bone while you eat, and getting belly rubs while we snuggle. Playing with a toy or two would make the day absolutely sublime. In short, my perfect spot in the whole world is anywhere you are.

What I want the most in this world is to have you find me. I don’t know why finding a forever home is so hard for me. I’ve tried my best to put my heart and soul into family life. I’m protective and I want to give my love to you. My foster homes simply rave about me. I’m friendly, loving, gentle, affectionate, well behaved and I just know I charm the pants off anyone who meets me. Why do all the others get picked and I can’t find you?

I want you to know this. I, Boomer, promise to love you with all my heart, to give you a shoulder to cry on when you are sad and depressed, and I’ll be close by and happy for you when times are the best. I’m loyal like that. I’m willing to be with you through thick and thin. I’ll be your best friend, your confidant, and your protector. Could you be all that for me? Please email and we can set up a meeting. I so want my chance at love again.

Love from Boomer

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