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Today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, so we went around the shelter to find out what questions our shelter kitties might have…

1// Corey is curious about the fabric choice of superheroes…



2// Blanche is feeling inquisitive about the anatomy of her North Pole friends…



3// Anna is dying to know how you function on your sleep schedule…



4// Frankie speaks for all felines when he asks about the end-game for that elusive red dot…



What questions do your cats have? Share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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12 Jan / 2015

Life Lessons from a Puppy

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Hi friends! I’m Oliver Twist and I came to Great Plains SPCA after being rescued in KCK by the HERO Team, Great Plains SPCA’s  partnership with The Rescue Project, yesterday.  I’m too young to be adopted just yet, but keep an eye on Great Plains SPCA’s adoptables page for when I become available. If you are looking for a pet right now, there are LOTS of great pets just like me at Great Plains SPCA’s Merriam and Independence Campuses.

I may only have 24 hours of the pampered life under my belly (puppies can’t wear belts, silly!), but I’ve already learned so much that I felt it was my duty to share it with you…

Oliver Twist’s Puppy Life Lessons

1// If you want something, just go for it!

Is that peanut butter I smell?

2// Life is better when spent with a friend.


Even better if they don’t mind you talking (or chewing) their ear off!

  3// Life is better when you smile.


Smiling is my favorite!

4// Make sure to get plenty of beauty sleep.


I’m dreaming of my forever family.










5// People are generally good, if you just give them a chance!


I’m so grateful for the HERO Team saving my life!



















Hi there, my name is Madison, a 3 year old Alaskan Husky mix and I have been living in the shelter system for over a year now. My friends here at the shelter are looking for the perfect home for me and not just any family will do, so my search is taking longer than most. Although it is very hard for me waiting day after day, I know they only want the very best for me.

You see, I am a little shy when people first meet me, so I need you to go slow with me. Sometimes when dogs come to a shelter, they don’t come with a history and I am one of those dogs. No one knows what happened in my past that makes me so shy, but I just am. The good thing is though, once I get used to you, I am your best friend. And since I have been at the shelter so long, all of my friends here have been working with me and I am getting better and better every day at not being so nervous around strangers.



One of my biggest fears seems to be when people put their hands towards my head quickly and I don’t know them. I don’t know for sure if they are going to pet me or do something bad to me, so I tend to shy away from them or duck to get away. I do that because I am afraid of the unknown. With people that I know and love though, I no longer do that with them, because I know that they are just going to love me and pet me. I just need to learn that with my new family too.

Because of my fears, I cannot go home with any children and they also think it is best that I be the only dog in the house too. I love my treats and I have been able to learn a lot of tricks here with my volunteer friends using the treats as bribes to get me to do them. I know how to sit, and shake and I know down too. I will even dance for a treat. And sometimes, not sure that this is a trick though, I think my friends here just let me get away with it, I will even give you a big bear hug for a treat.


Yes, once I get to know and trust you, I am a very affectionate girl. I just need that special someone or special couple to take a chance on me. I am a great gal that will keep you company over the long winter and would love to lounge around with you in your backyard as you rake leaves or garden or whatever. I also love to go on walks and I am super on the leash. I am also housebroken. If you are looking for a new best friend, you are in luck, because I am too!!! Maybe you can come down to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam and we can meet. I will be waiting for you….all my love….Madison


There are only a few hours left in 2014, which means you only have a few hours left to make those last-minute tax-deductible donations! We’ve had a great year of lifesaving work at Great Plains SPCA, and we’d like to share 31 reasons why you should make those last-minute donations to help the 35,000 pets (and people) we served this year:

1// Because right now, every dollar donated will be matched to go twice as far in 2015.peter3-crop

2// Because we’ve served over 90,000 pets since the merger of Animal Haven and No More Homeless Pets KC into Great Plains SPCA in 2011.

3// Because giving a gift is a great way to honor your pet.

4// Because we proudly report a 96.54% live-release rate for 2014.

5// Because we delivered 9,500 SASSYmeals to Meals on Wheels recipients, so their pets could also have nutritious meals.

6// Because we distributed 33,000 pounds of pet food to the community.

7// Because over 400 community cats in Independence were spayed and neutered through Operation Furballs.

8// Because we help pets like Asha through H.E.R.O Team, our partnership with The Rescue Project.

9// Because your donation is tax-deductible.

10// Because 9,578 pets entered our bi-state shelters for safety and medical care in 2014.

11// Because over 5,000 public spay/neuter surgeries were performed on public pets, helping to reduce pet overpopulation in the Metro.

12// Because over 4,500 spay/neuter surgeries were performed on shelter pets, helping to reduce pet overpopulation in the Metro.Cat

13// Because over 65 children participated in our Young Heroes for Pets Summer Camp, the only camp of it’s kind in the Kansas City Metro.

14// Because we had more than 21,000 visits to our public Veterinary Care Center, providing a safety net to the community.

15// Because 1,300* lost pets were reunited with their families at our bi-state Lost Pet Centers in 2014.

16// Because 6,618* pets have found forever families at our bi-state Pet Adoption Centers in 2014.

17// Because we go the extra mile to help families find their perfect pet.

18// Because we provide assistance post-adoption to make sure pets are successful in their homes through behavior training.

19// Because when you make a purchase through our Amazon Wish List, you are providing much-needed supplies directly to the pets we serve.

20// Because we provided over $200,000 in discounted veterinary care to pet owners in need in 2014.

21// Because we don’t receive any funding from United Way, the state, or other national humane organization funding.

22// Because we are the Kansas City Metro’s most unique and comprehensive animal welfare organization with 12 lifesaving programs.

23// Because our volunteers logged over 44,000 volunteer hours at our Merriam Campus…

24// …and over 36,000 hours at our Independence Campus.We LOVE our volunteers!

25// Because we help pets like Jennifer.Cindy-Marshall

26// Because we are partnering with other local nonprofits like Operation Breakthrough and SAFEHOME to help more people and their pets.

27// Because more than 73% of our veterinary care clients have a household income of $40,000 or less.

28// Because we allow pets as much time as they need to find their forever family, like Dru, who spent over 600 days at our shelter.

29// Because we are driving positive legislative change for local pets.

30// Because our pets, staff, and volunteers inspire young heroes.

31// Because we want to help even more pets and people in 2015, but we can’t do it without your help.


* Total, over 9,156 pets have found new hope through placement/services, which includes adoptions, transfers, and lost pet reunions in 2014.


We can think of about a million reasons to adopt Sid the Chihuahua, but here are the five top ones, because really, who needs more than five reasons to adopt a dog like Sid?

1// Sid is compact. While his personality is as big as a Great Dane, in size, he’s really quite tiny at just 5 lbs. so you would have no trouble meeting size requirements for any apartment and even if your house is small, it will seem HUGE to him.


Who you callin’ small?

2// Sid is a task master. Work from home? Need someone to keep you on task? Sid is your man! Don’t ask him how to format a spreadsheet though – that’s above his pay grade.


Yeahhhh, I’m gonna need those TPS Reports.

3// Sid is the canine embodiment of Sid the Sloth. ‘Nuff said.


4// Sid is the perfect wing man. Like a bee to honey, Sid can get the ladies (or fellas) swarming around you with his trademark look.


How you doin’?

5//  Sid may not love everything, but he will love you. Sid hates his kennel. He’s not overly fond of kiddos. He doesn’t “get” Elf on the Shelf. But if you give him a soft lap to snuggle on and a quiet place to rest his head, he’ll be yours for life.

Hey, let's make this thing official.

Hey, let’s make this thing official.

Want to make Sid a part of your family? Come meet him at our Merriam Campus! He is looking for a home without kids but he wouldn’t say no to a big, comfy couch. Oh, and he’ll be wanting to sleep with you at night (“non-negotiable,” he says).

Learn More About Sid!

We know choosing that perfect gift for your pet or animal-loving friends and family can be ruff, so we’re doing some of the heavy lifting for you with this round-up of our favorite holiday gifts of 2014.

Bonus: many of these gifts directly benefit the shelter pets at Great Plains SPCA!


1 // Ruff Guide to the United States $24.99 // For the adventurer in your life: 365 of the best places to play and stay with your pooch in the U.S. from the people who brought you // Get free shipping and $10 of your purchase donated to Great Plains SPCA with promo code GREATPLAINS

2 // Sirius Republic Kansas City Collar Collection, $35 // Handmade collars named after some of our favorite Kansas City places? What’s not to love? If collars aren’t your thing, check out their snoods, apparel, and even Christmas stockings – with nearly everything under $50 (they even have CAT COLLARS now!) // Use rescue code RPGP29 at checkout and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Great Plains SPCA

3 // One Day Shirt, $15 // The feeling every shelter pet gets when they are picked by their forever family? Yeah, this shirt describes it perfectly. Available for purchase at MetroPAWlitan Pet Supply inside our Merriam and Independence Pet Adoption Centers.

4 // Large Beach Tote, $29.99 // Show off your love for dogs with this cute tote that can be used as a shopping bag, gym tote, and more! Purchase via this link, and $10 of every item you purchase will go to help Asha and other pets being served by Team HERO, our partnership with The Rescue Project.

5 // Honor a Special Pet $5.00-$5,000 // For that friend or family member who has everything, make a donation in honor of their pet! You can make an honor donation in any amount, or, sponsor a kennel or dog run for $500-5,000.

6 // DIY Dog Treats // Let’s be honest, the way to your dog’s heart is through his stomach. Surprise him this holiday season with delicious DIY treats homemade with love by you! We have lots of recipes to choose from via Pinterest.


Hi there, my name is Fiona and I have been waiting since April 2014 for a new home. That is quite awhile for a dog to have to wait for a home, but I am not going to complain, because that is not the kind of girl I am! In fact, I am very grateful to be here at Great Plains SPCA because they saved my life! When I first got here, I only weighed 35 pounds! I was skin and bones and such a frightened little lady. But now, I am happy to report, I am a very healthy 55 pounds and I am loving life!

Although I had a rough start, you would never know it by the way I greet people at the shelter! I am always happy to see people, especially my very best friend Sharon that takes me for sleepovers at her house. She knew that I was very shy and very scared at the shelter, so she thought that she would take me home with her and see how I did at her house. Oh my goodness, it was like Heaven! When we first got to her house, she just let me check things out as not to overwhelm me and pretty much just let me do what I wanted. That is always good when working with a shy dog in a new situation. Then we went to sleep and the next day, I was ready to play and be loved on. For some reason, after waking up that next morning, I just felt safe and knew that I could come out of my shell and be myself and boy did it feel good! My friend said I have very good house manners, so I get to go on more sleepovers! It was one of the best days of my life – so I can only imagine how amazing it would be to have a forever family and a home of my very own!


Working with my friends at the shelter has helped them learn a lot about me. They know that I like to play fetch and I like to have my ears scratched. I am also super smart and I know sit and shake, and also know something called the “touch game.” I am a very sweet girl with lots of energy, but I will also settle down and just hang out too. I do need my new family to go slowly with me to help me to adjust to my new surroundings. I love to play with other dogs, so if you have another dog that needs a friend, please bring them in to meet me to see if they are willing to share their home and family with me. I am not a fan of the felines though, they just scare the dickens out of me!

I love to go for walks and spending time outside with my friends, so would love to have a nice house with a big yard to run in. But, if you don’t have a yard, I am just fine with walks too, my most important thing right now, is a family to love me. If I sound like I might be the friend you have been looking for, I hope you will come down to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam to meet me. If you have any questions about me, you can email my friend Sharon at and she would be happy to answer them for you. I hope to be seeing you soon!

All my love….Fiona


In June 2014, a house exploded in South Kansas City, killing two family members in the home and throwing three dogs who were living in the house into a creek bed a few dozen yards away. Despite the massive explosion, the dogs managed to survive and two were caught by Animal Control, but the third was too traumatized from the blast and ran away whenever someone tried to catch her. Clearly confused about where her family had gone, she refused to leave the property, and kind neighbors have been feeding her and watching over her since the accident. Our friends at The Rescue Project renamed her “Asha,” which means “hope”, an appropriate name as we all have hope that she will soon be healthy and happy once again.


The Rescue Project became aware of her situation in October and gave Asha a dog house and straw so she would have warm shelter for those chilly nights, while the neighbors continued to take care of her. When the organization received a call that Asha’s health had deteriorated, they called Great Plains SPCA. The two organizations coordinated their efforts through a newly formed partnership called Project H.E.R.O. (Humane Education Resource Outreach) – learn more below!


We set a humane trap for Asha on Thursday, and she was caught in the trap on Saturday. She became a Great Plains SPCA foster dog that night, heading straight to a home where she could sleep in a warm bed and be surrounded by love.

Asha is currently at Great Plains SPCA receiving top notch veterinary care in Merriam, KS and we are doing more tests to see what her next steps are towards healing including an ultrasound today. She is having trouble walking, her stomach is swollen and bloated, and, not surprisingly after months on her own, she has fleas also.

At this point, we are hoping for the best, but we are unfortunately preparing for the worst. She suffered out in the elements for over 5 months, with open wounds from the explosion. Asha is still very scared, but she’s relaxing now, knowing that she is safe and warm for the first time in months. It is because of caring neighbors, concerned citizens, coordinated partnerships with The Rescue Project and Great Plains SPCA, and supporters like you who make it possible for us to be able to help the pets most in need of a helping hand in the Kansas City Metro.

Please donate to help us help Asha. Your gift can help us provide Asha the medical care she deserves, and help other pets that will be saved thanks to Project H.E.R.O.




Great Plains SPCA and The Rescue Project are coming together to help  pets most in need within the Kansas City Metro through a new partnership called “Project H.E.R.O.” (Humane. Education. Resource. Outreach.). Knowing that in working together they could do more,  these two nonprofit animal welfare agencies will provide assistance to  dogs and cats living outdoors without adequate shelter, work with pet owners to provide pets with the medical care they need, and deliver education to promote spay/neuter. A team of Project H.E.R.O. staff and volunteers will be on the ground, rescuing pets, providing supplies and education, all to make our community a better place for local pets in need.

Volunteers are love in motion! – Author Unknown

Merriam Volunteer Spotlight 

“Let me introduce you to the A(M) team: Caryle Parks, Sue Brandt, and Laura Luckhert. These amazing ladies come nearly every day and walk our wonderful dogs! It can be pouring down rain, 100 degrees, or snowing and blowing and these volunteers are out braving the elements to make sure our dogs get out. Each one always has a great sense of humor and a friendly smile. As I pass them in the dog kitchen or the hallway I can hear snippets of information they share with each other about the dogs they love. If you want to see some of the most devoted dog walkers then come visit them in Merriam! Thanks so much ladies for your passion, dedication, and your amazing ability to be here nearly every day!”

– Jamie Straley, Merriam Volunteer Manager

November volunteers Edited

Independence Volunteer Spotlight

“Anthony, Michelle, Nate, and Quinten Stoops are an amazing family of volunteers! Anthony and Quinten began volunteering as Cat Heroes last spring, and staff is always glad to see them – these two are so hard-working and so much fun! Nate and Michelle got started this fall, and we doubled our good fortune! These four get everything sparkling for the cats in the shelter every time they come in, and they foster as well! They’ve fostered neonate kittens as well as shy cats, and the care they give these babies is truly life-saving. When two of their tiny foster babies came down with potentially life-threatening pneumonia the Stoops nursed them back to health and got them adopted. Not only do the Stoops work hard as Cat Heroes and a foster family, but every time we see them they’re looking for more ways to help. Anthony has offered to transport animals between our campuses when needed, and when the older, long-term cat they fell in love with was adopted they offered to foster another kitty with similar needs. Their selflessness touches the lives of so many animals and people at Great Plains SPCA! The passion this family has for animals is amazing, and it is a privilege for us to watch these young men share their hearts with the shelter animals and grow into great HEROES for pets!” – Tomomi Suenaga, Indpendence Volunteer Manager

Stoops - Indy November Edited


Hello, my name is Flynn and I have been waiting for my furrever home for quite awhile now!

I am a petite girl at just 3 years old with a thick velvety coat, striking green eyes, and to top it all off, I am permanently wearing a tuxedo so I’m always ready for a fancy party!

Flynn 2

When I first came to the shelter, I was so nervous that I spent most of my days hiding under blankets but then a nice lady took me home to foster me for awhile and she found out that when I’m not scared and nervous, I’m very loving and affectionate! My favorite thing is to snuggle up right next to my people and let them pet me all day long! I can take a little time to get to know new cats, but my foster mom says I made a wonderful substitute mom for the many litters of scared kittens she brought into the house during my stay with her.


I would love the opportunity to be your best friend. Won’t you come meet me at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence Campus? I promise you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about me here.


Watch my Video!


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